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A solid state relay SSR is an electronic switching device that switches on or off when an external voltage AC or DC is applied across its control terminals. It serves the same function as an electromechanical relay , but has no moving parts and therefore results in a longer operational lifetime. SSRs consist of a sensor which responds to an appropriate input control signal , a solid-state electronic switching device which switches power to the load circuitry, and a coupling mechanism to enable the control signal to activate this switch without mechanical parts. The relay may be designed to switch either AC or DC loads. Packaged solid-state relays use power semiconductor devices such as thyristors and transistors , to switch currents up to around a hundred amperes. Solid-state relays have fast switching speeds compared with electromechanical relays, and have no physical contacts to wear out. Users of solid-state relays must take into consideration an SSR's inability to withstand a large momentary overload the way an electromechanical relay can, as well as their higher "on" resistance.

Solid-state relay

Adequate heatsinking, including consideration of air temperature and flow, is essential to the proper operation of a solid state relay SSR. It is necessary that the user provide an effective means of removing heat from the SSR package. Lack of attention to this detail can result in improper switching lockup or even total destruction of the SSR. All solid state relays develop heat as a result of a forward voltage drop through the junction of the output device. Beyond a point, heat will cause a lowering or derating of the load current that can be handled by the SSR.

AC output SSR used with temperature controller with mechanical relay output. AC output SSR used See thermal rating curves and ordering instructions for.

Solid State Relay (SSR)

Solid state AC power relays are almost exclusively limited to switching of line frequencies up through to perhaps 1khz. Their inherent capacitive characteristics are not geared to high frequency switching due to insertion loss, and the isolation characteristics will be much reduced at the higher frequencies. Varying 3 phase heater power with a solid state relay is fairly simple as long as it's done through "time proportioning".

Page top. Please note some product models not sold in Thailand may be included in the following manual s for our global customers. Detects failures in SSR used for heater temperature control and simultaneously outputs alarm signal. This SSR supports the safe design of heater control systems, and contributes to maintenance improvements by the user.

Solid State Relays

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