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Paris Metro Map English Pdf

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For this reason, the Metro of Paris is a labyrinthine sometimes chaotic network of railroads, corridors, and metro stations, and it can be overwhelming for Paris first-time visitors.

Last Updated on August 31, by Larissa. We found an easier way to get around Paris. The traditional Paris Metro map shows the train routes as a series of colored lines.

Paris Metro Map

Check out our maps and travel stress-free. PDF - 1. To ease your trips on the SNCF Transilien network, you can check out the accessible stations on this map. With this map, make sure you do not miss the must-see monuments, museums or touristic sites of the Paris region. PDF - 3.

Paris region transport network maps

The metro in Paris is the most efficient way to move around the city during your visit. It is similar to the underground in the UK or the subway in the US. Many first time visitors prefer using taxis, which are a lot more expensive. If you have never used it before, you might find it challenging to figure out which ticket to buy and how to find the right metro lines and directions to your destination, since not much information is translated in English. It is actually fairly simple, and the guide below will give you all the resources to prepare your visit in Paris using public transports.

Paris Metro Map – The Redesign

You can find on this page the map of Paris subway. The subway network has 16 lines and stations forming a rail network of miles km. The Paris metro map is designed to make your journeys in Paris easier.

Information designer engaged in the development of maps and wayfinding. My interests include urban studies and the history of cities. In this article, I will attempt to describe the principal solutions involved in the development of my own version of the Paris metro map.

A symbol of the city, it is known for its density within the city limits, uniform architecture and unique entrances influenced by Art Nouveau. It is mostly underground and Line 1 and Line 14 are automated , with Line 4 scheduled to be in fall

We looked at Paris from a different perspective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of Paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. Every line and all the elements of the map have been rethought and brought to a new visual form to enable fast and easy route finding. But, on the associative level, this loop is easier to remember in the form of a circle. Usage of circular line pattern is the main principle of the map's design.

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