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Quine and His Place in History pp Cite as. One reason for this oblivion to the similarity between Quine and James might be related to a prevalent mis reading of James, on which his pragmatic theory of truth identifies truth with utility and sanctions wishful thinking. Such abuse of rationality this misreading suggests can hardly count as epistemology, let alone be compared with that of Quine.

Theories and Things

Cambridge: Harvard-Belknap Press, This collection of concise and well-written essays-many of which have not appeared in print before-summarizes the philosophical program of America's foremost exponent of ontological nominalism. Although occasional pieces on geography " The Times Atlas " , lexicography " Mencken 's. American Language" and biography "Kurt Godel" are included, most deal with issues familiar to readers of Quine's previously published writings : the pragmatic conception of existence as theoretical status and its criterion of logistical commitment "Factuality, like gravitation and electric charge, is internal to our theory of nature," p. Several of the pieces are of technical interest. In the reviewer's opinion the central issue, here as elsewhere, is Quine's nominalism.

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Here are the most recent writings, some of them unpublished, of the preeminent philosopher of our time. Philosophical reflections on language are brought to bear upon metaphysical and epistemological questions such as these: What does it mean to assume objects, concrete and abstract? How do such assumptions serve science? What is the empirical content of a scientific theory? Further essays deal with meaning, moral values, analytical philosophy and its history, metaphor, the nature of mathematics; several are concerned with logic; and there are essays on individual philosophers. The volume concludes with some general reflections on the contemporary scene and two playful pieces on the Times Atlas and H.

The Web and the Tree: Quine and James on the Growth of Knowledge

Quine was a teacher of logic and set theory. Quine was famous for his position that first order logic is the only kind worthy of the name, and developed his own system of mathematics and set theory, known as New Foundations. In philosophy of mathematics , he and his Harvard colleague Hilary Putnam developed the " Quine—Putnam indispensability thesis ," an argument for the reality of mathematical entities. This led to his famous quip that " philosophy of science is philosophy enough. His major writings include the papers "On What There Is", which elucidated Bertrand Russell 's theory of descriptions and contains Quine's famous dictum of ontological commitment, "To be is to be the value of a variable ", and " Two Dogmas of Empiricism " which attacked the traditional analytic-synthetic distinction and reductionism, undermining the then-popular logical positivism , advocating instead a form of semantic holism. They also include the books The Web of Belief , which advocates a kind of coherentism , and Word and Object , which further developed these positions and introduced Quine's famous indeterminacy of translation thesis, advocating a behaviorist theory of meaning. A poll conducted among analytic philosophers named Quine as the fifth most important philosopher of the past two centuries.

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Meta-Ontology, Naturalism, and the Quine-Barcan Marcus Debate

Quine and His Place in History pp Cite as. Yet twenty-first century critics of Quine tell us he is a narrow-minded pragmatist whose naturalism consists in restricting metaphysics to the trivial and uninteresting pursuit of existence questions, especially existence questions implied by the physical sciences. He makes explicit that the influence of his pragmatism and naturalism on his meta-ontology is not to shrink the role of metaphysics and truth in our theories, or to restrict the content of available theories to the physical. It is to give a theory-transcendent criterion of where theories, scientific and philosophical, assume the existence of something: where it is posited as the occupant of some indispensable theoretical role. Skip to main content Skip to sections.

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The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review

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The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review


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Theories and ThingsW. V. Quine Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Pp. $ James van Evra (a1). (a1). University of Waterloo.

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