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The concepts of need, drive, want and demands are important in marketing.

Difference Between Needs and Wants

The concepts of need, drive, want and demands are important in marketing. They seem to be used in similar terms. However, there are substantial differences among these terms. Needs are the state of self-deprivation in an individual. The starting point of marketing is human needs. Human needs can be physiological, social, cultural and individual. There are unlimited human needs. All new inventions try to satisfy the human needs.

We cannot imagine marketing activities or existence of the market in the absence of human needs. Wants are desires for specific satisfiers of needs. The needs of the human are unlimited. So, to satisfy unlimited needs a person desire for different products, services and methods.

Such desire to satisfy the needs is called wants. Wants depend on the culture, social class, and individual personality. A marketer can influence human wants by providing a variety of need-satisfying objects. Demands Demands are human wants backed by ability and willingness to buy. The person wants only those goods which provide them maximum satisfaction.

Marketers can also influence demand by offering products at different price and quality. A consumer should be motivated for creating demand. A producer should provide information about the availability of product, use of the product, change in product or service, etc. The important methods of creating demand are as follows:. The objective of the organization cannot be achieved only through creating the demand for goods and services. If the customers are not satisfied by the goods and services supplied, then they can"t be permanent customers.

So, the satisfaction from the goods and services should be more than the price paid. Customers satisfaction depends on the product's performance and customers expectation. When the specific expected utility of consumer is reduced from the total utility than if the result is positive then it is called satisfaction of customers and if the result is negative then it is called dissatisfaction of customer.

Koirala, Dr. Kundan Dutta. Elementary Marketing. Ltd, Thapa, Gopal, Dipendra K. Neupane and Dilli Raj Mishra. Introduction to Marketing. Find Your Query. Syllabus Lessons. Overview Needs are a state of self-deprivation in an individual. Wants Wants are desires for specific satisfiers of needs. There are generally two types of demands and they are primary and secondary demand. Note Things to remember. Concept of Needs, Wants and Demands in Marketing The concepts of need, drive, want and demands are important in marketing.

Source: www. Things to remember Needs are a state of self-deprivation in an individual. Demands are human wants backed by ability and willingness to buy. Primary demand refers to the demand of the products and services that can satisfy a particular type of need.

Secondary demand refers to the demand of goods with special brand produced by any producer. Personal selling is the oral communication with the potential customer for the purpose of selling goods. It includes every relationship which established among the people. There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society. It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.

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What Does "Marketplace Needs" Mean?

This would include their feelings, emotions, and understanding what every customer needs and wants. We will look at the difference between customer needs and wants and why understanding them or not could be the reason for successful or failure of a company. In almost all cases, what a customer wants is in contrast with what they would need. Businesses might help customers understand their own needs, but it is their responsibility to respond to and give customers what they want. Trying to convince a customer more than required that they need your company and its products, could have a diametrically opposite effect, with customers believing that your company is always out to make a fast sale. It is the job of a business to keep their customers happy and to do this, companies need to give customers what they want as often as possible — and not focus so much on whether customers need it or not.

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McGregor et al. , found that resource endowment and need satisfaction is a non-perfect relation-meaning it is not necessarily that.

Marketing Concepts: 8 Core Marketing Concepts (With Diagram)

Marketing is the creation, communication, and delivery of value, as well as the management of customer relationships for a lifetime. Marketing satisfies these needs and wants through both the exchange processes and building long-term relationships. Marketing can be viewed as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering, and communicating value to customers, and managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its shareholders. Marketing is the science of choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding consumer buying behavior and providing superior customer value.

Generally, a successful company identifies when a segment of customers is not effectively served by existing providers and develops and promotes products or services to match. The more critical the needs of the market and differentiated your company's offerings, the more profit you can potentially generate. One of the first steps in marketing is to look at the target audience for your products or services and to identify one or more market segments.

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