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This chapter offers a brief and necessarily incomplete overview of what has been written on the interdisciplinary arts within academic scholarship on the creative arts. The author identifies five major integrative aspects highlighted in the existing literature on the interdisciplinary arts: 1 the Wagnerian Gestamtkunstwerk, i.

Experiments in Art and Technology

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Recommend to your library. Request a review copy. A group of artists, researchers, and teachers from a dozen countries here redefine art at the interdisciplinary interface where scientific inquiry and new technologies shape aesthetic values. This volume offers groundbreaking guidelines for art educators, demonstrating how the interplay between digital and cultural systems calls for alternative pedagogical strategies that encourage student-centered interactive learning. Intellect Books uses cookies on this website. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. To accept cookies continue browsing as normal.

Experiments in Art and Technology E. The group operated by facilitating person-to-person contacts between artists and engineers , rather than defining a formal process for cooperation. Video projection , wireless sound transmission, and Doppler sonar had never been seen in the art of the s. These art performances still resonate today as forerunners of the close and rapidly evolving relationship between artists and technology. The performances were held in New York City 's 69th Regiment Armory , on Lexington Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets as an homage to the original and historical Armory show. The pinnacle of E.

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While examining the juncture between art, science, and technology in post-Revolutionary Russia, with a focus on the avant-garde period until the death of Joseph Stalin, cinema is thus considered as a device beyond its medium of film Francois Albera, Maria Tortajada: Cinema Beyond Film and the medium-specificity of the arts is called into question. Research papers might include, but are not limited to questions such as:. We invite doctoral students, postgraduate researchers, and established academics to submit proposals for minute presentations. Interdisciplinary approaches are very welcome. Notifications will be sent in mid-July.

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Hybrid arts

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Hybrid arts is a contemporary art movement in which artists work with frontier areas of science and emerging technologies. Artists work with fields such as biology, robotics, physical sciences, experimental interface technologies such as speech, gesture, face recognition , artificial intelligence, and information visualization. They address the research in many ways such as undertaking new research agendas, visualizing results in new ways, or critiquing the social implications of the research. The worldwide community has developed new kinds of art festivals, information sources, organizations, and university programs to explore these new arts. Hybrid arts is also the name of a non profit Arts education company in the United Kingdom.

An introduction to the work and ideas of artists who use—and even influence—science and technology. A new breed of contemporary artist engages science and technology—not just to adopt the vocabulary and gizmos, but to explore and comment on the content, agendas, and possibilities. Indeed, proposes Stephen Wilson, the role of the artist is not only to interpret and to spread scientific knowledge, but to be an active partner in determining the direction of research.

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