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There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SAP Basis has a market share of about 0. In the system of SAP, these services get created automatically.

SAP BASIS Interview Questions - SAP Tutorials

Can you kill a Job? If you have a long running Job, how do you analyse? Use transaction SE What is private mode? When does user switch to private mode? Private mode is a mode where the heap data is getting exclusively allocated by the user and is no more shared across the system. This happens when your extended memory is exhausted. Is there a way to revert back the Q defined? If yes, How? What is mysap? What is ASAP? I wish to start generating from where it stopped I have refreshed but to no chance nothing was done.

How should I further proceed so as to complete the remaining job? Start SGEN again and select the same you have selected before. It will popup and ask if you want to start from scratch or generate the just the remaining.

When we should use Transactional RFC? What if user is given with this authorisation? What is a developer key? You need this for each person that will make changes Dictionary or programs in the system allindiajobs. How to see when were the optimizer stats last time run? Else you can always fish around in DB14 for seeing when the optimzer stats were updated. I would like to know the version or name of SAP that is implemented in real time?

This is a very generic question and really depends on what you are implementing modules. How should I set priority for Printing say like user, team lead, project manager? What is the use of Trusted system. In what situation it is good to go for Trusted system? Copy DDIC to a separate user and use that user to apply them What is the systems configuration required to implement SAP..

We need a BIG database system and an even bigger application servers. The application must also be able to handle that correctly. The value specifies the size of the roll area in bytes. The roll area is one of several memory areas, which satisfies the user requests of user programs.

Where you can check system log at OS level? What is LUW logical unit of work? A list of steps within a tcode called logical LUW. What are the common transport errors? How to transport users from one client to another client? OK code is used within a program to execute a function.

How to check list of tcodes within a SAP system and where to look for tcode names and program values. What is different between client refresh and client copy? Copying or over writing to existing client called as client refresh. Copying to newly created client called client copy. What is the purpose of table T? This table contains a list of defined clients within a system where we can maintain tcode SCC4. How do you create a exceptional password list? Use USR40 table to maintain exceptional password list.

What is the purpose of table USR02? USR02 table stores user logon data like usernames, encrypted password, creation date…etc Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. Hiring Managers, Post a job!

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SAP Basis Online Test - ProProfs Quiz

What is difference between 4. SAP 4. What do you mean by profile and object? Ans: Well, profile is a authorization profile and where as object can be an authorization class or authorization object or field and value. So, to make up a profile it requires several objects More precisely profile is set of different authorizations for different objects. It means when you create role and go for generating profile whatever the list of transactions you have added in role menu its corresponding objects automatically fetch up by profile generator.

60 SAP Basis Interview Questions & Answers · System Trace: When you want to record internal SAP system activities, system trace is used.

60 SAP Basis Interview Questions & Answers

For multiple login on single instance, a client is used in SAP system. User can create multiple clients on a single instance. Client administration also provides data security in which, one user with one client cannot see the data of the other user with another client.

Keep this minimal as from a SAP basis admin point of view Oracle is just a big giant bit bucket and SAP can handle to the daily monitoring and maintenance itself. Unix, mv, cp, ls, grep, ps-ef, df-k, etc. That is pretty much all the SAP basis admin will need to know. You can ask them to ran Transaction codes to you. Menus constanly change so go with T-codes.

SAP Basis Interview Questions

It supports the entire range of SAP applications. The trace is useful in diagnosis internal problems within SAP system and the host system. Developer Trace: In the event of problems, developer trace, records the technical information about the error or problem For problem analysis and system monitoring Developer trace or System log is used. Check network connectivity if everything is ok 4 What is private mode? In private mode, the heap data is exclusively allocated by the user and is no more shared or available across the system.

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SAP Basis Certification and Interview Questions Answers

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