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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided.

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General Knowledge - Technology

Hack into this quiz and let a chip tally your score and reveal the contents on your computer screen. Answer: There are about 2, computer languages in active use, whereas there were only 15 in use in It is an agency of the U. Jobs became the chairman and CEO of Apple in Answer: Motherboard A peripheral is a device that attaches to a computer. The motherboard is within the computer and controls its ability to receive and process electronic signals.

The early use of the Internet relied on protocols for transferring files or remote control of other terminals. Blogging did not emerge until later, in the s.

Tim Berners-Lee established the convention in Answer: an intranet An intranet is a private computer network, usually within an organization or group and is limited to its members for sharing information. Answer: Lada A Lada is a kind of car manufactured in Russia. The others are brands of computers sold worldwide. Answer: A Mouse A mouse allows a computer user to move to different parts of the screen without a keyboard.

Who is the maker of the iPhone? In what year was the DVD introduced? The iPod? Scan these questions and test your knowledge of electronics and gadgets. Answer: George Eastman In the late s the U. These made it possible for anyone to take photographs.

A B C D Answer: Compact discs that stored sound were introduced in DVDs are often used to store movies. Answer: Apple Apple Computer is the maker of the iPhone. The telephone and miniature computer first went on sale in Answer: Radio The cellular telephone carries voice, text, and other digital signals via radio waves, like a two-way police radio.

Answer: human hair A fiber optic cable is about as big around as a human hair but can carry more information than a much larger electrical wire. Answer: Ipod An iPod is a music-listening device.

It lacks a phone. Its cousin, the iPhone, has a telephone built in. What is the oldest still-floating commissioned warship in the world?

Test your knowledge. Take this quiz. General George S. Answer: Garand rifle After 17 years of work, John C. Garand came up with a gas-operated weapon of. His rifle was fed from an eight-round clip. Adopted in , the Garand rifle also called the M1 rifle became the first standard-issue autoloading infantry rifle in the world. Answer: William Congreve Sir William Congreve, an English artillery officer and inventor born in , made great advances in black-powder rockets.

The Congreve rocket, first used in , were made obsolete by improved artillery and ordnance. A version built for the U. Marines was used for both air defense and support of ground forces. Beginning in , Trident I missiles were fitted aboard older U. Poseidon-carrying submarines and newer Ohio-class vessels, which were built with larger missile tubes designed to accommodate the Trident II in the s.

It became the principal sea-based nuclear weapon of the United States. Its four propeller shafts, powered by steam turbines instead of the traditional steam pistons, gave it an unprecedented top speed of 21 knots. Dreadnought carried a single-calibre main armament of 10 inch guns in five twin turrets. Answer: Frank Whittle and Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain While still a cadet at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, in , Englishman Frank Whittle advanced the idea of replacing the piston engine and propeller with a gas turbine, and in the following year he conceived the turbojet, which linked a compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine in the same duct.

Whittle had a running bench model by the spring of , but backing from industrialist Ernst Heinrich Heinkel gave von Ohain the lead. The He , the first jet-powered aircraft, flew on August 27, , nearly two years before its British equivalent, the Gloster E.

Though inferior to the MiG in weight of armament, turn radius, and maximum speed at combat altitude, the F quickly established supremacy over its Soviet adversary, in part because of its superior handling characteristics. Wichers of the Dutch navy invent in when he advanced the idea of supplying air to submarine diesel engines through a tube?

A the supercharger B Fuel injection C the snorkel D the periscope. Its invention is credited to a Dutch officer, Lieutenant Jan J. The Royal Netherlands Navy began using snorkels in , and some fell into German hands in After , with their RPG-7, they combined recoil-less launch with a rocket sustainer to deliver a 2. The Soviet RPGs became powerful weapons in the hands of guerrillas and irregular fighters in conflict against more conventionally armed and heavily armoured forces.

The Soviets mass-produced a mm rocket known as the Katyusha. From 16 to 48 Katyushas were fired from a boxlike launcher known as the Stalin Organ, mounted on a gun carriage. Answer: Spitfire In a revolutionary aircraft design appeared—the S. Mitchell of the British Supermarine Company. A wooden monoplane with unbraced wings, the S. It was the progenitor of a series of monoplanes that won the coveted Schneider Trophy three times. The last of these, the S. The S. Following his imprisonment, he was placed in charge of a team that was to design military aircraft.

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Tech Quiz: Test Your Knowledge While Having Fun

Speak now. When did early computer. When was the first hard disk drive introduced by IBM? What was the capacity used to store electronic information in ? Think you know your way around IT?

Hack into this quiz and let a chip tally your score and reveal the contents on your computer screen. Answer: There are about 2, computer languages in active use, whereas there were only 15 in use in It is an agency of the U. Jobs became the chairman and CEO of Apple in Answer: Motherboard A peripheral is a device that attaches to a computer. The motherboard is within the computer and controls its ability to receive and process electronic signals.

How many active suppliers are there in the supplier master file? Take test now! These quiz objective questions are helpful for competitive exams. A systematic procedure for analyzing the performance of a retailer is called: During each stage in the development of a retail strategy, retail managers should: look for both positive and negative feedback, consider no problems with the government to be a form of negative feedback. The ability or inability to delegate duties affects the number of hours worked. These commerce quiz are from sale and purchase of goods and services including international trade. The word Retail is derived from the word.

COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY – Technology Quiz Questions Part 1. Computer chips READ Basic Science Questions and Answers PDF. 27) What did.

Technology Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

Listen to the recording and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. The ability of an animal virus to infect a cell depends primarily on: a whether or not the host cell has a nucleus. The most scientific method to identify which triggers may be causing my nasal allergies is to: A. C ML is a set of techniques that turns a dataset into a software. B ML and AI have very di erent goals.

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General Knowledge - Technology

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