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Space And Nuclear Program Of India Pdf

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India's three-stage nuclear power programme was formulated by Homi Bhabha in the s to secure the country's long term energy independence , through the use of uranium and thorium reserves found in the monazite sands of coastal regions of South India.

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ISRO Indian Satellites List – Study Notes for SSC & Bank Exams in PDF

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Indian Space Research Organisation

ISRO is the primary agency in India to perform tasks related to space based applications, space exploration and development of related technologies. In , Rohini became the first satellite to be placed in orbit by an Indian-made launch vehicle, SLV These rockets have launched numerous communications satellites and Earth observation satellites. ISRO sent a lunar orbiter, Chandrayaan-1 , on 22 October , which discovered lunar water in the form of ice, [18] and the Mars Orbiter Mission , on 5 November , which entered Mars orbit on 24 September , making India the first nation to succeed on its maiden attempt to Mars, as well as the first space agency in Asia to reach Mars orbit. On 22 July , ISRO launched its second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 to study the lunar geology and the distribution of lunar water.

The main purpose of GSAT is to provide satellite based internet to remote places and will aid in providing internet connectivity in flights in India. GSAT — 11 is the latest, next generation high throughout communication satellite that will accelerate the broadband service across the nation. Moreover, this satellite will be a great platform for new generation applications.

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Currently, the Working Group is working under objectives of its multi-year workplan for , which are:. Currently, the Working Group is working under objectives of its multi-year workplan for , which are: To promote and facilitate the implementation of the Safety Framework for Nuclear Power Source Applications in Outer Space by providing information pertinent to challenges faced by member States and international intergovernmental organizations, in particular those considering or initiating involvement in applications of nuclear power sources NPS in outer space; To identify any technical topics for, and establish the objectives, scope and attributes of, any potential additional work by the Working Group to further enhance safety in the development and use of space NPS applications. Any such additional work would require the approval of the Subcommittee and would be developed with due consideration for relevant principles and treaties. Bechtel, Ronald J. Lipinski, Jeffery A.

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