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[Brill J.P., Beggs H.D.] Two-Phase Flow in Pipes

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Rodrigo Ayala. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or translated in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, without the prior written permission of Schlumberger.

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Copyright c The Apache Software Foundation. Contact information Web: www. Companies, names and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless otherwise noted. Contents 3 Table of Contents Proprietary Notice Develop a Compositional Model of the Hydrocarbon Phases Identify the Hydrate Envelope Select a Pipeline Size Determine the Pipeline Insulation Requirement 7.

Screen the Pipeline for Severe Riser Slugging 7. Size a Slug Catcher Develop a Calibrated Blackoil Model Develop a Well Inflow Performance Model Select a Tubing Size for the Production String 7. Build a Model of the Network Specify the Network Boundary Conditions Solve the Network and Establish the deliverability 7.

The security system uses the current PC date. This should be quoted on all correspondence. If any of the above are missing then please contact your nearest Schlumberger office. You are also encouraged to make a back up copy of the install CD. The latest versions of these documents are available from any Schlumberger support office or can be downloaded directly from the Schlumberger web site in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. These can be created by a suitable Nodal analysis software package. Microsoft Excel, Visual basic, etc.

An up to date list of features and functionality can be obtained from the Schlumberger web site, along with all the necessary documentation.

This document details that format. Note: This User Guide does not cover the menus or dialogs that are used within the software. The module will predict the optimum artificial lift quantity lift gas or ESP speed so as to optimize oil production from the entire field. As an alternative to calculations based on produced oil the optimization can be performed on gross liquids, gross gas or revenue.

The program models the full network on a point-by-point basis, and offers a choice of flow correlation options for multiphase flow. In addition to being able to optimize field production it includes a unique production prediction mode, which allows current field production rates and pressures to be predicted and the results compared directly against actual field data.

The module has been primarily developed for use by operations staff in the day-to-day optimization and allocation of lift gas for complex multi-well networked configurations. GOAL has been designed with to allow answers to specific problems to be easily obtained. This could be, for example, when a well is shut- in and the extra quantity of lift gas or horse power is made available. The module can then be used to determine the best re-allocation of the lift gas to the remaining wells, while taking into account any production constraints, to optimize the total production.

This allows answers to specific problems, by examining a number of scenarios, to be generated in a very short time. Input is taken from individual well performance models created from a multiphase flow simulator, in the form of well performance curves. These performance curves should be generated and checked before being included in the model. To obtain the correct solution the pressure drop must be correctly accounted for along the surface network.

This is simulated by the use of tuned industrial standard multiphase flow correlation's to predict the pressure loss and liquid hold-up in the pipeline. In its production prediction mode of operation it can be used to validate the individual well gas lift or ESP lift performance curves by using them to predict current production rates.

Results are displayed in tabular form, graphical plots or by utilizing the sophisticated graphical user interface to display a variety of rates and pressures. The solution provides a comprehensive report that includes the required gas injection rate for each well or required operating speed for each well, the flow rate and pressure at each manifold in the system and economic data. The software uses a rigorous network solution algorithm to solve horizontal and multilateral wells as gathering networks.

The user can define various IPR relationships, and specify a detailed well description. Fluid description can be either black oil or compositional and different fluids can be specified which are mixed together using appropriate mixing rules. Specifying either an outlet pressure or an outlet flow rate or a range of values for a batch run to run the model.

Results can be displayed either as text point values or graphically for any part of the model. In addition conditional logic decision can be taken into account, i. This option has 2 versions; i 2-phase and ii 3-phase.

HSM Contains all the data that is necessary to run a model. This includes data for; units, fluid composition, well IPR, system data, etc. The support team requires these files when support queries are made. SUM Contains program output data in different formats. PVT A file that contains a single stream composition and a table of fluid properties for a given set of pressure and temperature values. This file can if required be created by a commercial PVT package e.

UMF Units files. Used to store user defined unit sets. These files can be passed from user-to-user. The dongle remains the property of Schlumberger while in use by customers, and are not replaceable if lost. You can connect another device or more Schlumberger dongles to the parallel port while the dongle is still attached to it without affecting the operation of the device or the dongle. Do this simply by plugging the device into the back of the dongle.

If you already have another program protected by a similar dongle, they can both be plugged into the port at the same time, and should not interfere with each other. The dongle is quite robust, so no particular care need be taken in handling it. Users are able to view the Schlumberger software modules licensed on their dongles by using the Dongle Utility. On start-up of the utility, the attached dongle license details for the various software modules are displayed.

When renewing or purchasing additional software licenses you will need to update the licenses on your dongle s by receiving instructions from Schlumberger. Please see the web site for your nearest support center or contact the support centers in the United Kingdom or in Houston USA.

Thus you can use this feature to modify the units system to match reports or data supplied by a service company or to simply customize the units system to suit your own personal preferences. In addition the customizable unit sets are available. Any number of customized unit sets can be created and saved each one to a different external data file under a new name.

For a quick screening study where the accuracy of the physical properties is not essential, we advise the user to use a Black oil fluid model specification. Black oil fluid modeling is appropriate for use with a wide range of applications and hydrocarbon fluid systems. In general, the basic black oil correlations will provide reasonable accuracy in most PVT fluid property evaluations over the range of pressures and temperatures likely to be found in production or pipeline systems.

However, care should be taken when applying the black oil approach to a highly volatile crude or a condensate where accurate modeling of the gaseous light ends is required. In this case, the user should consider the use of compositional modeling technique that describes the fluid as a multi-component mixture. In order to increase the accuracy of the basic black oil correlations for modeling multiphase flow, PIPESIM provides the facility to adjust salient values of a number of the most important PVT fluid properties to match laboratory data.

These PVT fluid properties are considered the single most important parameters affecting the accuracy of multi-phase flow calculations.

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Home About My account Contact Us. The equation can … 8. Label convention for loop system. A primary loop segment would be a divergent exit branch i. Assume that the pressure P 1 at one point is 1.

Chapter 3. After calculating the gas Reynolds number, , the two-phase friction factor can be obtained from Moody diagram or rough pipe equation:. Its value is greater than the pipe roughness and less than 0. In this case the determination of roughness is iterative. Slug Flow: The acceleration term is negligible.

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In single-phase flow visualization, research focuses on the analysis of vector field properties.

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[Brill J.P., Beggs H.D.] Two-Phase Flow in Pipes - Free ebook Beggs and Brill Correlation Griffith, Lau, Hon and Pearson 47 (), , Frick, T, C.+ Petroleum Production Handbook, Millet the Printer, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

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James P. Brill, H. Dale Beggs - Two-Phase Flow in Pipes-Tulsa University Press Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Two-​Phase C: Petroleum Production Handbook, Millet the Printer, Ine.