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Moore to ethical non-cognitivism similar to Ayer. Traditionally, ethics has been understood as a branch of philosophy that focuses on normative value in human conduct; it is the search for a rationally defensible view concerning what things are good worth aiming at , which actions are right, and why.

Bertrand Russell , one of the towering intellectuals of the 20th century, was an indefatigable pacifist throughout the Great War. But his pacifism was not unreserved, depending as it did on his consequentialist attitude towards war and towards pacifism.

Human Society In Ethics And Politics

I have chosen this subject for my lecture tonight because I think that most current discussions of politics and political theory take insufficient account of psychology. Economic facts, population statistics, constitutional organization, and so on, are set forth minutely. There is no difficulty in finding out how many South Koreans and how many North Koreans there were when the Korean War began. If you will look into the right books you will be able to ascertain what was their average income per head, and what were the sizes of their respective armies. And so you cannot tell whether the South Koreans are enthusiastic about UNO, or would prefer union with their cousins in the North.

Russell remains famous as a logician, a metaphysician, and as a philosopher of mathematics, but in his own day he was also notorious for his social and political opinions. He wrote an immense amount about practical ethics—women's rights, marriage and morals, war and peace, and the vexed question of whether socialists should smoke good cigars. They should. And unlike present-day practical ethicists with a few notable exceptions such as Peter Singer he was widely read by the non-philosophical public see for instance Phillips , which details Russell's successes as a popular moralist in the s. But though Russell was famous as a moralist and famous as a philosopher, he does not have much of a reputation as a moral philosopher in the more technical sense of the term. Until very recently, his contributions to what is nowadays known as ethical theory —meta-ethics the nature and justification, if any, of moral judgments and normative ethics what makes right acts right etc —were either unknown, disregarded or dismissed as unoriginal. Key texts on the history of twentieth century ethics—Warnock's Ethics Since , Urmson's The Emotivist Theory of Ethics , Milller's Contemporary Metaethics: an Introduction and Schroeder's Non-Cognitivism in Ethics —say nothing, or next to nothing, about Russell, at least in his capacity as a moral philosopher.

In the early 20th century, Russell led the British "revolt against idealism ". He is widely held to be one of the 20th century's premier logicians. Whitehead he wrote Principia Mathematica , an attempt to create a logical basis for mathematics, the quintessential work of classical logic. His philosophical essay " On Denoting " has been considered a " paradigm of philosophy". Russell was a prominent anti-war activist , championed anti-imperialism , and chaired the India League.

Social philosophy

Social philosophy is the study of questions about social behavior and interpretations of society and social institutions in terms of ethical values rather than empirical relations. There is often a considerable overlap between the questions addressed by social philosophy and ethics or value theory. Other forms of social philosophy include political philosophy and jurisprudence , which are largely concerned with the societies of state and government and their functioning. Social philosophy, ethics, and political philosophy all share intimate connections with other disciplines in the social sciences. In turn, the social sciences themselves are of focal interest to the philosophy of social science. The philosophy of language and social epistemology are subfields which overlap in significant ways with social philosophy.

Differences in the meanings of words are, of course, common. But fortunately these linguistic curiosities did not lead to an armed conflict. It must be said that the present Russian use of the word democracy diverges widely from previous usage, and is merely designed to conceal Russian failure to carry out the provisions of Yalta and Potsdam. This simple device, being backed by the largest army in the world, proved to be regrettably successful. It must, however, be confessed that what in the West is called democracy, is not quite what the word originally meant.

To the general public, Russell is best known as a radical activist for myriad political, moral, and social causes. In academic philosophy, Russell is best known as a proponent of evidence-based and science-informed philosophy; a philosopher of mathematics, logic, and epistemology; and, with G. Moore, a cofounder of analytic philosophy. Despite leading a life on the edges of respectability, with two arrests and years without work due to his infamous views, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in , won the Order of Merit in , and earned a Nobel Prize for Literature in , for A History of Western Philosophy Prepared since early childhood by his grandmother for a life in Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Handbook of the Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics

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Bertrand Russell

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Russell’s Moral Philosophy

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Bertrand Russell


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