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Postlude to Chan Thomas’ CIA Classified – The Adam and Eve Story

Though here it occurs to me to say that one of my most productive contributors is writing a book on this subject, which I will gladly announce on this page when it is released.

First, there was the Great Crying Wolf of December 21, , and then the real work of preparing for the end-time began. I also believe this to be a not-so-subtle reference to Sir Francis Bacon.

In fact, by secret society standards, this date is screaming for attention. This cannot be a mere coincidence. The CIA was the progeny of Jove from to , which makes this declassification date profoundly important.

Both the title page and the dedication page of the quatro are known to be highly encoded. To think him the author is heretical. Though I have yet to study this question in great detail, I believe Alexander Waugh,—who I regard as utterly insane and who is the principal advocate of the Oxfordians,—is mistaking references to September 23, , as references to the date on which Edward de Vere died.

September 23, , is a date of immense importance in the study of the end time. The Great Wonder was an Asterism on September 23, This may have been deliberate misdirection on the part of Sir Francis Bacon. I cannot say for sure until I find the time to study this subject in depth. Hold on to your hat because this guy makes me look tame. I recommend starting with The Author page, which is the same in both books.

Here is a photocopy for your convenience. Unlike me, this is a respectable man. In point of fact, the dedication in the front of the first book, The Adam and Eve Story , is three pages long. Here is the second page. This is actually two books. That totals pages , which if you take the time to study page numbering at the start and end of these two books was obviously a nod in the direction of , the supposed end of the Maya Long Count.

That is also why I list this man in my People Who Matter to Me menu second only to my religious leader. He and I are alike. If you look at PDF viewer page 57 57 of , which was poorly copied, you will see that these are identical copies. The best way to read and print this book is not on this page. Click on one of these two links and download your own copy. If anyone can offer me an original copy of this book at a reasonable price, I would be most grateful.

I am reading the full version now, but my instincts are that this man is of some importance, not because of the CIA classification, but because of what he is saying. There is some confusion about the length of this book. For example, one of the reviewers on Amazon. This may have something to do with versioning, though I think the Amazon. The following discussion about this book from StolenHistory. This book has been pretty popular lately. It was declassified by the CIA in But only 50 pages were released.

Recently I came across what I think is the full uncensored book. I spent several hours conversing with Mr. I had been impressed with the description of a cataclysm — what Mr. I contacted book stores near and far, but again, to no avail. This book is a First Edition that was published by Bengal Tiger Press in and is much more comprehensive than the short pamphlet I had possessed those many years earlier.

I set about to cull from those over pages the basic description of what a cataclysm is, and that small bit is what I posted on the blog that you must have read. I recently had another person contact me, wanting the same info as you and I scanned the most of it into PDF file and sent to him, as I will for you. And keep me informed as you go along to what is happening with this amazing info.

This quote was found on StolenHistory. I cannot determine the original source for this quote and so am leaving it unattributed. In the PDF viewer of your choice, there are pages. The first and last page is the front and back cover. The other pages are photocopies of two pages in the book, for a total of pages. Which is it? There is a difference of 26 pages. The answer is both. This page document was downloaded by me from the CIA. The CIA waited until well after December 21, , to release this information.

By then, no one cared. The people have been trained to think of the end of the world as utter nonsense. Chan Thomas is saying. Eventually, I learned he had a YouTube channel. This is curious, to say the least. Rather than hiding something in a book readily available to the public, it emphasizes the importance of magnetohydrodynamics. I think they are telling us in plain English what is going to happen. And what is going to happen? An Earth crustal displacement with electromagnetics providing the missing force Einstein would not have understood even if someone had tried to explain the forces at work to him.

For someone on the surface, there is no difference between an Earth crustal displacement and an axial tilt except that the latter requires an enormous force such as the Comet Venus passing by Earth at a close distance during the time of the Hebrew Scriptures and tends to more or less immediately fully recover whereas the former—an Earth crustal displacement—takes much longer, perhaps hundreds and thousands of year, to fully recover.

To be sure, as documented in the work of George Dodwell, Earth is still recovering from the last Earth crustal displacement, which explains why the axial tilt itself is a doomsday clock and,—as noted at the top of my homepage. According to Revelation zero-hour is One possible explanation for the electromagnetic disturbances in the Solar System is that it is entering into an area of space that for whatever reason ultimately causes the outer core and outer mantle to become liquid enough to account for the missing force of Einstein and our planet experiences what has become popularly known as an Earth crustal displacement.

I take exceptional interest in these launch dates because the arrival of Voyager 1 in interstellar space in suggests the progeny of Jove do not in fact know an exact date, that they are somehow unsure of themselves. Voyager 2 left the heliosphere in On 5 November , data from Voyager 2 indicated that it also had entered interstellar space. Wikipedia, Voyager program [emphasis added].

Was Voyager 2 the progeny of Jove hedging their bet or showing their hand? Let us just pray Dr. Skip to content. Contents hide. The declassification date is a clear reference to Sir Francis Bacon.

Chan Thomas. In so doing Rolf B helped redirect the focus of this website away from Sirius towards the center of the galaxy as the long-sought trigger mechanism of the apocalypse. Shortly thereafter is when I discovered the connection of everything to Sir Francis Bacon, so I salute this guy. The two books total pages I can assure you because the author is tipping his hat to the Maya Long Count.

№ 90. Dr. Chan Thomas author of the CIA classified “The Adam and Eve Story”

Some reviews say the postlude is mostly about getting right with God, developing spiritually before the event. As of March, the pdf with more info is not yet available there, and your best source of pole shift evidence is probably still:. Some physicists are beginning to suspect that we are heading into another null zone at an accelerating rate. A little clue for us: the frontispiece is a blatant Vesica Piscis sacred almond, luz, etc. Chan Thomas does say the null zone is galactic in nature — but on the other hand he has so many wacky ideas on UFOs, ESP, and pole shifts — who knows how much of it is right or wrong or crazy. Well, it is at least interesting to find that someone else considered the possibility of cataclysm being caused by movement of the solar system through magnetic fields and null zones thereof. People fail to refer to the Vedas and Yugas.

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[eBook] Chan Thomas - The Adam And Eve Story - The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED)

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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. A declassified and sanitized document discussing the topic of lost ancient human civilizations, and cataclysms that occurred on earth thousands of years ago causing them to vanish from the earth without explanation.

[e Book] Chan Thomas The Adam And Eve Story The History Of Cataclysms ( 1993 Full UNCENSORED)

Though here it occurs to me to say that one of my most productive contributors is writing a book on this subject, which I will gladly announce on this page when it is released. First, there was the Great Crying Wolf of December 21, , and then the real work of preparing for the end-time began.

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The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms

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ADAM and EVE. STORY by. Chan Thomas. Emerson House — Los Angeles. This copy of an out of print book has been made by for a.

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The Adam and Eve story. by Chan Thomas. Print book. English. Los Angeles, Emerson House.