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Gas Lift Presentation

Name the 4 major forms of artificial lift. Fully describe the operation of each. Site at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of each lift method. Identify the most appropriate lift method for a given application. Understand the business relevance of each lift method to Schlumberger. Stable formation on primary recovery. Describe the two different types of gas lift and where they are applied.

List the surface and sub-surface components of a typical closed rotative gas lift system. Describe, in detail, the continuous unloading sequence. Explain the purpose of unloading valves in a continuous gas lift well. Must have a source of gas Imported from other fields Produced gas - may result in start up problems.

Possible high installation cost Top sides modifications to existing platforms Compressor installation. Limited by available reservoir pressure and bottom hole flowing pressure Schlumberger, Maximize production choke opening Gradually increase gas injection rate Monitor well clean up and stability Get to target position Perform step rate production test Optimize gas injection rate Note - when unloading all valves open! Explain the procedure for running and pulling gas lift valves from a side pocket mandrel.

Describe the precautions that should be taken during running and pulling operations. Explain the operation of the OK series kickover tool. Explain the operation of the BK-1 latch. Understand the purpose of a gas lift valve latch. Identify key latch components.

Explain the operation of a latch. Non-orienting mandrels. Conventional mandrels. Identify and explain the purpose of key SPM components. Describe how pressure rating is determined for SPMs. Identify an appropriate SPM based on its nomenclature. Understand SPM manufacturing processes. MIN I. AND I. Derive the formula for opening pressure based on knowledge of valve mechanics and the force-balance equation.

Valve designed for accurate gas passage prediction. One-way check valve for tubing integrity. Control and measure flow from a producing oil and gas well, secondary recovery water or gas injection well and injected gas in a gas lift field operation.

Real time flow control measurement which allows precise valve positioning from a remote RTU by use of an electric actuator with 4-Milliamps or digital hart communication control. Adjustable Choke Valves for Production Three body sizes for accurate match to flow rate. Available with API or ANSI flanges, socket weld, butt weld or threaded connections Variety of trim and body materials to match application No stem leaks with spring-loaded, bubbletight sealing system CN Medium flow rate applications ACV-8 1-in.

Beans easily replaced with body in flow line In-line feature for bi-directional flow. Motor valves for throttling service Pressure regulators Back pressure valves. Current Projects WEB interphase software design and troubleshooting package. Complete conversions of all flow control products to sherpa.

Overview of inflow and outflow performance. Use the linear PI relationship to predict a wells production. Explain the difference between a linear and non-linear IPR relationship. Understand the factors affecting a wells inflow performance. Understand the factors affecting a wells outflow performance. Relative permeability behaviour Ratio of effective permeability to a particular fluid oil, gas or water to the absolute permeability of the rock.

Oil viscosity Viscosity decreases with pressure decrease to Pb Viscosity increases as gas comes out of solution. Oil formation volume factor bo As pressure is decreased the liquid will expand As gas comes out of solution oil will shrink Schlumberger, Near wellbore - rel. Predict the casing pressure at depth for a gas lift well. Predict the gas passage through a square-edged orifice. Explain the relationship between a valves bellows pressure and its temperature.

Gas injection pressure at depth Gas volume stored within a conduit Temperature effect on bellows-charged dome pressure Volumetric gas throughput of a choke or g.

Valve port. Perform a gas lift design for a well utilizing injection pressure operated gas lift valves. List at least 3 possible sources of design bias in an IPO gas lift design. Explain the purpose of design bias and its effect on a gas lift design. Understand how a gas lift design can be developed to accommodate changing conditions over time. Vary with application Vary with data Vary with experience Not an exact science We are dealing with a very dynamic system. Learn basics Do the designs by hand graphically Build mental picture of dynamic system Introduce design bias Think about it then apply.

New design Pre-spaced mandrels All methods require objective gradient Fixed rate design Optimum rate design. GAS S. Usually called safety factors. Perform a gas lift design for a well utilizing production pressure operated gas lift valves. Understand the benefits and liabilities of PPO gas lift designs. Explain where a PPO gas lift installation would most likely be run and why. List 5 tools that can aid in the trouble-shooting of gas lift wells. Understand the relationship between gas passage, valve mechanics, well performance and casing pressure.

Utilize gradient curves, valve mechanics and gas passage to predict the point or points of injection in a gas lift well. Explain the cycle of instability in a well which is injecting in subcritical flow across a square-edged orifice. Explain how to determine if the tubing and casing are in communication. Corrective Action Taken Well modeled to aid in diagnosis.

Acquired fluid level in casing. Wireline ran in well with impression block to confirm valve was out of pocket. Attempted to re-set valve.

Flowing gradient survey ordered. Thewellhasfailedtounload totheorifice. Asfigure3illustrates,thereissufficient pressuredifferentialatdepthtounloadtothe orificeinmandrel 5. Wirelineoperationsconfirmedthevalvein mandrel 4wasoutofpocket,preventingthe wellfromunloading. Schlumberger, CASE 2 Wellhasbeenseverelyheadingwith tubingpressuresrangingbetween psi.

Casingpressureshavevaried betweenpsi. Wellbelievedtobemulti-pointinjecting between2ormorevalves. Wellappearstobemulti-pointinjecting throughleakingorcut-outvalves. Appearstobeerrorinbottomthree surveypoints. The seats in each of the unloading valves were confirmed to be cut out After replacing cut-out valves, well was returned to production.

CASE 3 Wellisbelievedtobeunder-performing. Significantfluctuationsincasing pressureobserved. Theabovegradientplotshowsthatthewellcannotinjectdeeperthanthe Schlumberger, 2ndmandrelundercurrentconditions. Pdwn, psia Figure4-GasPassage. Theabovegaspassagecurvesshowthatthecombinedgaspassageof thetoptwounloadingvalvesislessthanthecurrentgasinjectionrate.

Thisindicatesthatthe wellmaybeinjectingthroughaholeinthetubingoravalvewhichisleakingoroutofpocket. Note: thisperformancecurveassumessingle-pointinjectionatthe2ndmandrelandisonlyanestimate. Gaspassageanalysisindicatesthatcurrentinjection rateexceedscombinedcapacityoftop2valves. Wellsuspectedtobeinjectingthroughholeintubing thiswasconfirmedbybleedingdowncasing.

Ifcommunicationcanberepaired,gainof approximatelybopdmaybeachieved. Overview of course objectives. Open navigation menu.

SLB Gas lift Manual

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Most wells completed in oil producing sands will flow naturally for some period of time after they begin producing. Reservoir pressure and formation gas provide enough energy to bring fluid to the surface in a flowing well. As the well produces this energy is consumed, and at some point there is no longer enough energy available to bring the fluid to the surface and the well will cease to flow. When the reservoir energy is too low for the well to flow, or the production rate desired is greater than the reservoir energy can deliver, it becomes necessary to put the well on some form of artificial lift to provide the energy to bring the fluid to the surface. The types of artificial lift available are illustrated in Figure

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Schlumberger Gas Lift Design and Technology Schlumberger Well Completions and Productivity Chevron Main Pass Optimization Project 09/12/00 GAS.

Updated list of API and ISO Standards for Gas Lift

Design , Technology , Tlif , Gas lift , Gas lift design and technology. Link to this page:. The Iranian Petroleum Standards IPS reflect the views of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and are intended for use in the oil and gas production facilities, oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical. Design , Standards , Engineering , Process , Engineering standard for process design. IPS are based on internationally acceptable standards and include selections from the items stipulated in the referenced standards.

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Name the 4 major forms of artificial lift. Fully describe the operation of each. Site at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of each lift method. Identify the most appropriate lift method for a given application. Understand the business relevance of each lift method to Schlumberger.

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