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Indian Contract Law Questions And Answers Pdf

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Application - Apply the legal rules to the facts of the question this is the hard part! Construction law is sometimes simple and at other times complex. Professionals need answers that are pithy and straightforward but also legally rigorous. Construction Contracts. Each book includes typical questions, answer plans and suggested answers, author commentary and other features.

Indian Contract Act, 1872 – MCQs

The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. The list of questions curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them a good practise for their aptitude and knowledge. We know answer writing is a continuous exercise that is an inalienable part of the preparation process for any Examination. Rigorous preparation for this exam is mandatory in order to crack it. In the last few months prior to the exams, it is sufficient for candidates to simply keep practising these questions in order to gain mastery over the subjects studied. A enters into an agreement with B that he will not carry on the business of medicine within his entire area mentioned. Is the agreement enforceable against B?

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Indian Contract Act is describe that how to do contract with other perso and legal right,fraud,mistake and so many thing describe in this book in Indian Contrat Act social or domestic agreement is not considerd It came into force on "1st september " therefore it is known as "Indian Contract Act ". Section 2 h of the Indian Contract Act, defines a contract as an agreement enforceable by law. A void agreement is defined under section 2 g of Indian Contract Act, , as an agreement which cannot be enforceable by law, i. Such an agreement lacks legal consequences, and so, it does not confer any rights to the parties concerned. A void agreement is void from the day, it is created and can never turn into the contract. An agreement which is enforceable by law at the option of one or more of the parties thereon but not at the option of the other or others is a.

An offer ceases to be capable of acceptance or offer lapses or comes to an end in the following circumstances:. Ans: An agreement without consideration is void. But to this rule, certain exceptions are recognized and amongst them promise to pay a time barred debt is one. The conditions to be fulfilled for its maintainability in the court of law are: — It shall be in writing and signed by the person or by his agent to pay debt either in part or full, which the creditor might have enforced but for the law for the limitation of suits. When a person has done some work under a contract and the other party repudiates the contract or some event happens which makes the further performance of the contract impossible then the party who has performed the work can claim remuneration for the work he has already done. Ans: Quasi Contracts: A Quasi contract is not a contract between two parties but a legal obligation imposed by court of law, which puts both parties in the same position as if there is a contract between them. Indeminty Contract: S.

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Anyone wishing to act on the basis of the material contained herein should do so after cross Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). On. The Indian What is consent under the Indian Contract Act, A When ANSWER SHEET. The Indian.

Multiple Choice Questions on the Law of Contract (Indian Contract Act)

The Law of Contract is nothing but 1. The Contract Act came into force 1. Contractual rights and duties are created by 1.

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40 Questions MCQ Test Mercantile Law for CA CPT | Test: The Indian Contract Act, 1872- 1

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Indian Contract Act Objective Questions and Answers


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Questions and Answers of June 1. The Indian Contract Act, (a) Contains the basic principles of contract. (b) Is not a complete code on contract.