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Microfluidics refers to the behaviour, precise control, and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small scale typically sub-millimeter at which surface forces dominate volumetric forces. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves engineering , physics , chemistry , biochemistry , nanotechnology , and biotechnology.

Lab-on-a-chip LOC devices integrate and scale down laboratory functions and processes to a miniaturized chip format. Many LOC devices are used in a wide array of biomedical and other analytical applications including rapid pathogen detection, clinical diagnosis, forensic science, electrophoresis, flow cytometry, blood chemistry analysis, protein and DNA analysis. LOC devices can be fabricated from many types of material including various polymers, glass, or silicon, or combinations of these materials. A broad variety of fabrication technologies are used for LOC device fabrication.

Design and Fabrication of a PDMS-Based Manual Micro-Valve System for Microfluidic Applications

Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology pp Cite as. Various microfluidic components and their characteristics, along with the demonstration of two recent achievements of lab-on-a-chip systems have been reviewed and discussed. Many microfluidic devices and components have been developed during the past few decades, as introduced earlier for various applications. The design and development of microfluidic devices still depend on the specific purposes of the devices actuation or sensing due to a wide variety of application areas, which encourages researchers to develop novel, purpose-specific microfluidic devices and systems. Microfluidics is the real multidisciplinary research field that requires basic knowledge in fluidics, micromachining, electromagnetics, materials, and chemistry for better applications. Among the various application areas of microfluidics, one of the most important application areas is the lab-on-a-chip system.

Additive Manufacturing of 3D Microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications

The concept is based on the combination of multimaterial direct-ink-writing method and an extrusion-based 3D printing pilot line, in order to fabricate microstructured detection devices with the ability to perform all steps of chemical analysis in an automated fashion. The functionality of these devices will be evaluated based on their ability to streamline all steps needed to obtain mobility and binding-based identity information in one continuous biochemical detection system. Optimum in-line control systems will be incorporated in various stages of the fabrication process, to achieve precise control and repeatability. Microfluidic MEMS are increasingly recognized as a unique technology field for the development of biomedical devices BioMEMS , due to their functional performance on the microscale, at the dimensions of which most physiological processes are operative. Applications near micro- and nanoscale are promising in the field of intelligent biosensors, where it enables the monolithic integration of sensing devices with intelligent functions like molecular detection, signal analysis, electrical stimulation, data transmission, etc. Last update: 26 November Record number:

Bach, Lam D. Tran, Ha H. The working parts of the micro-valve and microfluidic channel were fabricated from Poly dimethyl siloxane materials. The study on controlling liquid flows proved that this valve system was effective for the experiments on the flow mixing and delivering the reactants into the micro-reaction chamber in order. The results are the first step for the fabrication of liquid flow controllers in integrated microfluidic systems towards biological analysis applications. These chips are studied and applied in biomedical e. However, each biomedical or chemical analysis is used to carry out with many chemicals or biological agents e.

The extremely high peak intensity associated with ultrashort pulse width of femtosecond laser allows us to induce nonlinear interaction such as multiphoton absorption and tunneling ionization with materials that are transparent to the laser wavelength. More importantly, focusing the femtosecond laser beam inside the transparent materials confines the nonlinear interaction only within the focal volume, enabling three-dimensional 3D micro- and nanofabrication. This 3D capability offers three different schemes, which involve undeformative, subtractive, and additive processing. The undeformative processing preforms internal refractive index modification to construct optical microcomponents including optical waveguides. Subtractive processing can realize the direct fabrication of 3D microfluidics, micromechanics, microelectronics, and photonic microcomponents in glass.

with the fabrication of the device. Overview of Popular Microfluidic. Detection Platforms. One strength of microfluidics is direct customization of.

Three-dimensional femtosecond laser processing for lab-on-a-chip applications

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Microfluidics and Their Applications to Lab-on-a-Chip


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