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Disaster Vulnerability in the Policy Context of Bangladesh: A Critical Review

When a natural disaster strikes in the United States, only the president has the power to declare the site a federal disaster area, making it eligible for a variety of assistance. In such apparently nonpolitical situations, presidents theoretically have a fair, if personal, standard by which to determine whether to issue the necessary declaration. But an analysis of 10 years of such decisions by former presidents George H. Bush and Bill Clinton shows that, at least in marginal disasters, the size of the state in terms of electoral votes and whether the political parties view it as "competitive" matters quite a bit. The Clinton campaign had declared Illinois Republican territory.

Several disturbing pictures of homeless migrants, walking for miles to get home have filtered the news. Particularly, pictures from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal, teeming with thousands of workers. During his speech on the night of 22 March, Modi mentioned that there were plans in place to keep essential services open, but the details of these plans were left undisclosed. Details were provided online later, through advisories, though the situation seems to differ from state to state. As state borders were closed, and busses and trains stopped, cities like Delhi witnessed what the Wall Street Journal has called an exodus of migrant workers. Left without work, wages or shelter by the lockdown, these workers have been forced to walk hundreds of kilometres to reach their native villages.

Interview air date: May 20, In this groundbreaking book, long-time expert and scholar in the field of disaster management, Richard Sylves, comprehensively surveys the field of emergency management while building on his original research and sharing his insider knowledge. Providing much needed synthesis of the field's major findings, scholarship, and current developments, Sylves structures the book with an analytical framework that focuses on the challenge of effective intergovernmental relations—both across levels of government and across types of disasters—to guide readers through instructive and important political history as well as recent crises. Whether for an undergraduate studying the topic for the first time or a practitioner looking for professional development, Disaster Policy and Politics will prove to be a highly readable, informative text and handbook aimed at laying a foundation of knowledge and know-how. Ten chapters offer, among other topics: a contextual history of disaster policy and politics; a discussion of global issues and influences; an exploration of the politics of planning and funding for the next disaster; a look to the future, to where emergency management goes from here, including its maturation into a profession. A valuable learning resource available with the book is a website sponsored by the Public Entity Risk Institute that tracks presidential disaster declarations issued for every state and county from through Have you created a personal profile?

Improving the science and evidence base of disaster response: a policy research study

Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation pp Cite as. This chapter attempts to have an in-depth understanding of the climate change policy context of Bangladesh with regard to the notion of disaster vulnerability as a policy concern. The chapter reviews the policy from a social vulnerability perspective. With regard to the socioeconomic and environmental context of Bangladesh, it develops an analytical framework to examine the climate change policy. The political economy of climate change initiatives in Bangladesh leaves little scope to address vulnerability of grassroots communities. The chapter argues that in a country like Bangladesh where lack-of-development-led problems are persistent, there is an urgent need to develop context-responsive policies and action plans that should address the causes and dynamic processes of disaster vulnerability and lack-of-development issues in an integrated manner.

Metrics details. In order to elicit the knowledge, experience, and attitudes of individuals involved in disaster response with regard to evidence-based best practices, Evidence Aid and its institutional partners, Georgetown University and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, carried out a Policy Delphi study in — Purposive and snowball methods were used to select study participants. The Delphi study comprised two rounds of iterative questions, with the questionnaires completed online. In addition, participants at the Evidence Aid conference in November discussed the findings in focus groups. Excel was used to analyze the quantitative data and Glaser and Strauss to analyze the qualitative data. Thirty-six participants responded to the first round of the study, responded to the second round, and 30 participated in the focus group discussions.

Disaster Policy and Politics: Emergency Management and Homeland Security

This paper describes the educational experiences of children and youth aged 3—20 with disabilities during school closures resulting from the Northern California…. Return-entry is understudied in the disaster science literature. This paper provides an overview of the return-entry process, identifies key factors informing the…. The purpose of this research is to highlight the role of not-for-profit NFP organisations in enhancing disaster preparedness. The authors set out to understand their….

Disaster Prevention and Management

Despite Bangladesh's great strides in formulating disaster management policies following the principles of good governance, the degree to which these policies have successfully been implemented at the local level remains largely unknown. The objectives of this study were two-fold: 1 to examine the roles and effectiveness of local-level governance and disaster management institutions, and 2 to identify barriers to the implementation of national policies and Disaster-Risk-Reduction DRR guidelines at the local community level.

Disaster Policy and Politics: Emergency Management and Homeland Security

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The Politics of Disaster

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