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Patent and Intellectual Property Rights Issues

Skip to content. Intellectual Property Law. Published in Landslide , Vol. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. This information or any portion thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of the American Bar Association or the copyright holder.

Intellectual property is a driving force behind the U. Intellectual property refers to the inventions, ideas, designs, and creations that are protected by U. Article I of the U. The United States must stem the loss of intellectual property before the lost value to the economy leads to irreparable harm to national security.

The United States protects IP rights primarily through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. In the United States, trade secrets are primarily protected by state laws, although there is some federal protection via the Economic Espionage Act of , 7 and the Theft of Trade Secrets Clarification Act of Because the laws mentioned above only protect IP rights in the United States, IP owners must file for protections in every country where protection is desired.

The U. Additionally, there are some large, multilateral agreements that create temporary protections or ease the process of filing for patents and copyrights in multiple countries. As James Madison described in Federalist No. Without protected IP rights, artists and authors fear their work can be easily copied and are less likely to create works of art that make life more beautiful and interesting.

In the business world, protected IP rights spawn innovation—ideas and devices to improve our lives. Without IP rights protection, others can profit from the sunk costs of others, putting the innovator at a disadvantage. Innovation generates jobs and revenue, which drive many industries and provide a source of strength to the U.

According to the U. Infringement also reduces our markets overseas and hurts our ability to export our products.

Counterfeit products can pose a significant threat to the health and safety of us all. Intellectual property is especially valuable within the information and communications technology ICT industry.

Nationwide, the four industries with the highest level of patent intensity are submarkets of the ICT industry e. These four submarkets accounted for , jobs in fiscal year While intellectual property is critical to the U.

Many companies in the ICT industry are heavily dependent on their intellectual property; therefore, those companies are at great risk to theft. Sometimes the theft is from consumers, and sometimes from competitors. For years software manufacturers, such as Microsoft, have sought to prevent consumers from using a single license on multiple computers.

ICT companies also must protect their intellectual property from competitors. For example, Apple is currently alleging in court that Samsung copied patented ideas and technology used in smartphones. The entertainment industry has been hit hard by theft of intellectual property via the Internet.

In the s, the music industry lobbied Congress to pass IP protection laws that eventually forced the Internet file-sharing company Napster out of business. The Internet also serves as a medium for organized crime, competitors, activist groups, and state-sponsored actors to steal intellectual property. While these criminals frequently hack into networks to access intellectual property, they often gain the assistance of unaware insiders via phishing or social engineering. Equally as concerning, more than half of employees take proprietary information with them when they leave a company.

There is also a foreign policy aspect to IP theft. Annually, the U. Government agencies in China are known to download software updates without ever purchasing the original software.

Domestically, a new U. In this business model, companies purchase patents from nonpracticing entities, such as universities, with no intent to use the patent in manufacturing. While these PAEs provide much-needed revenue to research centers, such as universities, many of their lawsuits are frivolous and cost the ICT industry billions of dollars. Due to exorbitant court costs in defending a patent infringement suit, most cases settle early in the process.

When cases do proceed to a judgment, 92 percent of the time the PAE loses. In , 61 percent of all infringement cases were filed by PAEs, and the rate is growing fast, increasing by 38 percent since These cases have an especially damaging effect on startup companies in the ICT industry that do not have the resources to defend themselves.

Our single greatest asset is the innovation and the ingenuity and creativity of the American people. It is essential to our prosperity and it will only become more so in this century. First, companies tightly control their research departments, with some limiting research to their headquarters where communication and controls can be monitored. For those that manufacture their products offshore, some U. Additionally, the SIIA promotes among its members the best practices for piracy prevention.

Furthermore, the SIIA offers an opportunity for confidential reporting of piracy, then investigates and seeks restitution on behalf of its members. Off-the-record interviews in Washington, D. One firm in Silicon Valley noted that patent trolls were the biggest threat to its intellectual property, and that it aggressively sought its own patents to counter this threat.

A trade association explained that it also viewed PAEs as a serious threat to intellectual property, and that it lobbied for legal changes regarding the payment of costs during the discovery phase of IP rights cases. Companies that value their intellectual property must also minimize the threat from insiders.

Employees should be educated regularly about phishing and social engineering efforts of criminals. Education plans should include company policies on using off-site e-mail and data-sharing applications.

Furthermore, companies should conduct exit interviews to remind departing employees of laws regarding the ownership and sharing of corporate data. As for the federal effort, many U. The Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement identified six focus areas for the federal effort, including leading by example, transparency of efforts, improving coordination among law enforcement agencies, working with trade partners and international organizations, securing supply chains, and improving information collection efforts.

For example, U. This operation has resulted in the seizure of more than 1, domain names. The hard power of the U. To maintain its status as the sole world superpower, the United States must maintain a strong economy. Yet since , the U. Closing this gap and returning the U. If the United States could eliminate this loss of private revenue, it would take a very large step toward improving economic security. As there are currently million people in the U. Strengthening protection of IP rights not only improves unemployment rates, but it also adds billions in tax revenue and motivates companies to innovate.

For these reasons, the United States must continue to improve our IP rights protection efforts. Congressional attention in the IP rights arena is welcome. Feuding lobbies have stalled congressional action to this point. The OPEN Act has the support of online companies that are opposed to other proposals which attempt to sensor the Internet; however, copyright groups, including the entertainment industry, are opposed to the OPEN Act because they favor more intrusive legislation.

Congress should also act to reduce frivolous lawsuits from PAEs. As the SIIA recommends, adjusting the payment of discovery fees is a smart way ahead. Such a law would reduce frivolous lawsuits, while maintaining a legal remedy for those whose IP was legitimately stolen.

In the private sector, trade associations should increase their educational efforts to help stop the insider threat to intellectual property.

Trade associations could share best practices for defeating social engineering and phishing efforts. Additionally, they can provide educational materials to help companies teach their employees to control intellectual property as well as ownership of intellectual property.

Protection of intellectual property rights has been recognized for centuries as critical to innovation and a growing economy. The USTR is gaining increased cooperation from foreign governments working to remove their countries from the Special Report.

As the U. As the weak economy is draining money from the defense budget and weakening U. Strengthening protection of IP rights will contribute to an improved U. Alexander Hamilton et al. Yeh, Cong. Research Serv. FAQ , U. Spotlight Office of the U. Intellectual Prop. Enforcement Coordinator , Nov. Economy: Industries in Focus, at vii [hereinafter Industries in Focus]. Blog Nov. Siwek, Inst. Economy, at i Press Release, Office of the U.

Ronald Kirk, Office of the U.

Patent work, one step ahead.

Intellectual property IP is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect. The modern concept of intellectual property developed in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term "intellectual property" began to be used in the 19th century, though it was not until the late 20th century that intellectual property became commonplace in the majority of the world's legal systems. The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods. This gives economic incentive for their creation, because it allows people to profit from the information and intellectual goods they create.

Intellectual property rights: An overview and implications in pharmaceutical industry

Skip to content. Intellectual Property Law. Published in Landslide , Vol. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

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