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This is mainly related to investments in architectural tissue and elements of small architecture, the arrangement of urban greenery and the introduction of public art. The background for these activities is formed by the social, economic and cultural changes taking place in the globalizing world. Direct interpersonal contact, along with the exchange of ideas and values, are undoubtedly important functions of modern cities with recreational spaces that should be open and accessible to everyone, thanks to which they become valuable themselves. It is in these spaces that the everyday life of city inhabitants takes places; they provide the possibility for various forms of recreation. More and more often, the unique, functionally-defined and well-thought-out arrangements of recreational spaces in cities refer to the identity of given areas, stimulating and developing their users intellectually and emotionally. Thus, they improve the quality of life of city inhabitants.

Read More. Bicycle Heroes. The nation's passion for sports is obvious every day—at NASCAR races, kiddie soccer matches, and countless other contests. Created by. Drives for Equality by Disadvantaged Groups have changed drastically here in the last years.

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