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Digital preservation with PDF archiving (PDF/A)

To all users who care for access to own information and therefore want to save it in open document formats:. Reasonably, Microsoft's support for ODF 1. Democracy is threatened by closed and proprietary document formats! Democratic countries consider their sovereignty and democratic rights are threatened by closed and proprietary document formats and therefore take action:. To guarantee the free access of citizens to public information, it is indespensable that the encoding of data is not tied to a single provider. The use of standard and open formats gives a guarantee of this free access, if necessary through the creation of compatible free software":.

Apache™ FOP: PDF/X (ISO 15930)

A PDF, portable document format, is the industry standard for sharing and printing documents. Every document converted to or saved as a PDF has the option of being saved as a specific standard; which standard you save your file as will be determined by the purpose it was created for. If you save as the wrong standard, you may experience issues when trying to print, share or archive files, now or in the future. ISO stands for International Standards Organization, which issues certifications for products that meet their standards across many industries, PDF documents included. They set standards, based on a rigorous certification process, to assure quality, reliability and universality. So, which standard you use will be determined by your set of document circumstances — how your PDF will be stored, viewed, shared, printed, etc. Knowing your PDF options will optimize your document quality if you have specific document viewing, sharing, printing or archiving purposes.

The archival specification for PDF is not only used in archives, but also in cases where the reliability of digital documents is crucial, e. This change makes conversion to PDF 1. It is aimed at engineering documents such as construction drawings and is usually derived from CAD files. This specification includes provisions for making PDF files accessible to users with disabilities who must use assistive technology AT to read. He became involved in research projects for digital transmission of print files, and moved to the German Newspaper Marketing Organisation ZMG. There Dietrich was responsible for a project to enable the digital transmission of …. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

The format was developed with the idea that every document should be readable and printable on any device while preserving the fidelity of the content. Nevertheless, the PDF evolved steadily over the years to become one of the most used electronic document file formats today. The first version was announced on November and the first software for handling it was released in June In November , version 1. PDF 1.

What are the differences between PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-1?

Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. The purpose of this document is to present possibilities for combining these two systems in organizations that plan to implement both frameworks at the same time, or that already have one framework and want to implement the other one.

In addition, while supported in PDF 1.

The printing conditions or output intent need to be specified in the file. Various boxes must be defined: the MediaBox, which defines the size of the entire document, and either the ArtBox or the TrimBox, which define the extent of the printable area. This allows for things like annotations outside the BleedBox.