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Radioactivity , property exhibited by certain types of matter of emitting energy and subatomic particles spontaneously. It is, in essence, an attribute of individual atomic nuclei.

This article is only available in the PDF format. Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. According to the preface, this book was written in the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Copenhagen and the Institute for Research in Organic Chemistry of the University of Stockholm; it was completed in the Donner Laboratory of the University of California.

Radioactive Indicators: Their Application in Biochemistry, Animal Physiology, and Pathology

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Fries, B. Applications of Radioactivity in Petroleum Technology. Measurements, tracers, and instruments employing the phenomenon of radioactivity haoe been adopted widely throughout the whole field of petroleum technology. In exploration for new O il fields, radioactivity surveys are now correlated with geological surveys. After a hole is drilled, the rock strata are identified with a nuclear log, using both natural radioactivity and induced nuclear radiations. In pipeline transportation, radioactive tracers are used to locate lost scrapers and to identify interfaces between consecutive stocks for accurate segregation.


Jump to navigation. The modes and characteristic energies that comprise the decay scheme for each radioisotope are specific. If instrumentation is sufficiently sensitive, it is possible to identify which isotopes are present in a sample, or alternatively, to measure only the radioisotope of interest within a sample containing several radioisotopes. For example, the decay constant for 99mTc is 0. Thus, we can also write the decay equation:.

Radioisotopes have found extensive use in diagnosis and therapy, and this has given rise to a rapidly growing field called nuclear medicine. These radioactive isotopes have proven particularly effective as tracers in certain diagnostic procedures. As radioisotopes are identical chemically with stable isotopes of the same element, they can take the place of the latter in physiological processes. Moreover, because of their radioactivity, they can be readily traced even in minute quantities with such detection devices as gamma-ray spectrometers and proportional counters. Though many radioisotopes are used as tracers, iodine , phosphorus, and technetium m are among the most important.

TO INDUSTRY. > From radioelements to scientific applications What characterizes a radioactive sample is its activity, which is the number of disintegra-.

Radioactivity and Radiation

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Grupen , Claus, Rodgers , Mark. This book lays the foundations for you to understand all that you always wanted to know about radioactivity. It goes on to explore the substantial benefits of radioactivity through its many applications, and also the possible risks associated with its use.

Wang, Hongtao , and Rui Zhao. The downhole gamma-ray GR log records the radioactivity of the surrounding formation, which is closely related to lithology. However, other influential factors, including porosity, density and background radioactivity, do exist and will obviously impact variations of the GR log in high-porosity formations. Therefore, a new concept, pure matrix GR N m , is proposed to independently indicate the radioactivity of the matrix. To obtain N m , a theoretical relation between the GR log and these factors is suggested in our research.

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Radioactive tracer

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Radioactive Materials Licensing


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