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This module has been specifically designed to raise awareness of EDI issues within the HE environment and to inform staff about their rights and responsibilities.

Our aim to put the fun and engagement back into the classroom with innovative methods of teaching and learning to engage all students. Out Motto is 'Resources made for Teachers by Teachers' - We are a small dedicated team of teachers, HOD's and Middle leaders with a focus on supporting teachers and students across the world. End of term Year Quiz. A fun knowledge quiz that tests a range of different skills with students working in teams to compete against each other. Let the best team win!

Managing Equality and Diversity: Part 1 - Equal measures

Getroffen haben wir rund junge motivierte Menschen. Farmers need to identify weeds infesting their crops. Every company has a unique set of goals, and your diversity practices must align with them to be successful. A fun knowledge quiz that tests a range of different skills with students working in teams to compete against each other. Share this resource. Why is it important to be able to identify species? Posted on April 16, by Joe Grimm.

Gabriella Jozwiak Friday, January 4, Gabriella Jozwiak introduces the first part of a new series on managing inclusion, with a look at what the term means in context, and a guide to the legal requirements. Download the pdf of this article. We are not just a multi-cultural society but one that spans differences in language, belief, disability, family models, income, background, age and sexual orientation. Almost a tenth of the UK population were not British nationals in , according to the Office for National Statistics. Some different languages are spoken in our schools. And Department for Education figures from show almost a tenth of all children adopted were done so by same-sex couples.

The report not only provides a useful update to staff and students on action related to equality and diversity across the School, but is also one of the ways that we ensure that LSTM is compliant with the Public Sector Equality Duty. You can read the full version here. Black History Month is celebrated in the UK every October, and aims to identify and champion the history, achievements and contributions of black people across the world. We are taking the opportunity as a School to celebrate achievements and raise awareness of ongoing inequalities faced by people from black backgrounds. We have developed this page as a central location in which to share events, blogs and resources that you may find useful or interesting.

Equality and diversity downloads

In order to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you first need to assess the current organisational behaviours, the behaviours you would like to encourage, and act - identify what needs to be done to achieve them. The benefits of having a culture where behaviours support equality, diversity and inclusion, are well publicised, and something that we will cover in this article, but if you are aware your business needs to improve in this area, this resource will be a good starting point. The first thing to make clear, is that just saying that you are a diverse and inclusive business is not enough. This should start at the top, with senior management demonstrating those behaviours in the language they use and everything they do. As of June , there were

8. Introduction What are the six equality strands? 8. Introduction Equal Opportunities Legislation & Gender. 9. Activity 1. Household Duties Gender Quiz.

Equality and Diversity

Between We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity - as an employer, in the services we provide, in partnerships, and in the decisions we make.

There are laws that relate specifically to equality and diversity in the workplace. As cheaper travel and the increasing accessibility to global media bring more and more possibilities for many people; the need for tolerance and understanding of others is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored. Equality and diversity means that we treat everyone equally by taking into account differences.

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Unconscious Bias Quiz – Free Training Games & Activities

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10 Equal Opportunities & Diversity Question Bank. • 46 Questions with answers. • Worked examples. 14 Equality & Diversity Quiz. • Questions and Answers.