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Records can possess different types or degrees of value to a public records body, and these values affect how records are managed and how long they need to be kept. This applies to records in all formats and media. Understanding the value of such collections will:. Appraisal should also help public records bodies understand which records are likely to have wider historical value, and should therefore be kept indefinitely. More information on defining appraisal and developing a framework for routinely identifying the value of records can be found in our guidance: What is Appraisal?

Records appraisal and disposal

The purpose of this study is to assess the appraisal of records at the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Venda. Furthermore, the study intends to recommend appraisal of records to recognize African culture, reviewing records management policy to include an element on the appraisal of records, raise awareness on the appraisal of records, capacity building and develop electronic records management strategy to appraise records. This study is based on the qualitative research technique. The research approach is a multiple case study comparing the previously advantaged and disadvantaged universities in South Africa. The study found that archives and records management legislation, archives and records management policy, re-appraisal of records, capacity building are essential for the appraisal of university records.

This glossary provides definitions for records management terms used in the B. Accessibility: The availability and usability of recorded information; the characteristic of being easily reached, retrieved, or used with a minimum of barriers. Accession: A body of records registered as a unit for the purposes of physical and administrative control i. Accessions typically cover records maintained in a records storage facility contracted by government. Upon expiry of the active and semi-active retention periods, records in the accession are either destroyed, or if scheduled for selective or full retention, transferred to the custody of the government archives. See also Records ; Records schedule.

Records appraisal is the process of determining the archival value and ultimate disposition of records. Appraisal decisions are informed by a number of factors including the historical, legal, operational and financial value of the records. When deciding on the retention and disposition of University records the following questions must be considered:. Records are likely to be designated as 'archival' and selected for permanent retention where:. Skip to main content Text Only. Information Governance Record Retention Guidance. Records Appraisal Records appraisal is the process of determining the archival value and ultimate disposition of records.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Niu Published History. In the presentation, the author will discuss the appraisal and custody of electronic records based on an investigation of the appraisal policies, disposition instructions, and other records management guidelines of four national archives. She found that the common appraisal methodologies of four national archives are largely media neutral, although some appraisal strategies and criteria are more relevant for electronic records. Save to Library.

Records disposal is the process by which University Records are either destroyed or retained as University Archives. Disposal is a range of processes associated with implementing the records retention, destruction or transfer decisions documented in the University's Records Retention and Disposal Authority. These include:. A retention and disposal authority RDA is the document which sets out the appropriate disposal action for various types of records. The University Records Retention and Disposal Authority must be used to retain and destroy University Records, in accordance with the Records Management Policy and associated processes. Records disposal should be undertaken as soon as the records are no longer required for administrative purposes.

This study aims to analyze the distribution of authorities and responsibilities ARs to appraise public records, especially between national archives and central or federal government institutions. After attempts in reviewing the laws and policies governing ARs of appraisal and disposition, their level of concentration were investigated and compared. The analysis shows that the ARs to determine and approve which records have archival value and what are to be transferred to archives are mainly located in the national archives. In comparison, it is common that the national archives and government institutions share ARs in identifying the public records and in preparing and approving the disposal authorities. Furthermore, it identifies that the ARs can be distinguished by individual appraisal activities and expects to be used to discuss the ARs to appraise public records in Korea. Download PDF. Article Info.

Appraisal, closure, disposal and destroying of records

Information : is a processed data that contains relevant meaning. Information management: Is the overall process of planning, controlling and exploiting the information resources of an organisation in order to support its operations. Information management controls both records and information that records present. Document: A unit of recorded information. Data: Is a formal representation of information, suitable for communication, interpretation and processing, generally by a computer system.

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