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A guide to Eberron that anyone can edit , covering all editions and media. Whether aboard an airship or a train car, embark on thrilling adventures shrouded in intrigue!

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Eberron - Rising From the Last War

A guide to Eberron that anyone can edit , covering all editions and media. Whether aboard an airship or a train car, embark on thrilling adventures shrouded in intrigue!

Discover secrets buried by years of devastating war, in which magic-fueled weapons threatened an entire continent. In the post-war world, magic pervades everyday life, and people of all sorts flock to Sharn , a city of wonders where skyscrapers pierce the clouds.

Will you find your fortune on mean city streets or scouring the secrets of haunted battlefields? Will you throw in your lot with the mighty dragonmarked houses? Will you seek truth as a newspaper reporter, a university researcher, or a government spy? Or will you forge a destiny that defies the scars of war? If you have any questions, please ask our community.

Beware: This wiki does not provide spoiler warnings. New to Eberron? Try starting here! Welcome, chronicler! Do you see an error? Maybe you know of some missing lore? Perhaps you want to write an article about a favorite subject? Or maybe you want to really get involved. Don't be shy, click "Edit" and get in there! If you're new to wikis, then check out the Fandom University.

Look at some of the following links to learn about the Eberron Wiki, how we do things here , and see some of our recent work. Don't worry about making a mistake, experienced editors will catch it and fix it. Just remember we accept only canon, "kanon", and licensed lore , and homebrew and player characters should be kept in your User namespace. Don't just copy out the sourcebook, write in your own words. Finally, always give a source for your information, and explain what you've done in the "Summary" box.

Happy chronicling! This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Wiki Chronicle Angels brought me here. Possible Policies Proposed Properly, Probably: For good practices and consistent style, we've developed several formal policies for the Eberron Wiki. Take a look at Eberron Wiki:Policies and share your support, criticisms, or ideas at the Talk page and help shape the wiki. Idol Hands are a Devil's Playthings: Investigating a rash of crimes and disappearances in Sharn, SilverTiger12 has discovered a secret cult venerating an angel—in fact, a radiant idol named Zotharr , the so-called Idol of Death—and only just escaped their initiation ritual, but not without a pamphlet.

The villagers told of lakes that grant wishes, but what he ran into made him wish he'd only found a dire ape instead. Out of the Frying Pan: Perses13 was on assignment in Karrnath to research that kingdom's government, economy, and history, but ran afoul of a certain vampire mixed up in rather too much of it.

Perses escaped over the sea to Dar Jin in Riedra, though the Inspired hardly seem any more hospitable. We hope to get a postcard, or proof of life, soon. But Emissary of Whom? We welcome a new inquisitive, Sordorel , who scored an interview with Sahemi the Emissary , the maverick healer of House Jorasco working to heal the Mournland itself. New pages Go to the Forum. Featured Article. Archive Read more Banish the Shadows of War Whether aboard an airship or a train car, embark on thrilling adventures shrouded in intrigue!

This book provides tools that both players and Dungeon Masters need to explore the world of Eberron, including the artificer character class—a master of magical invention—and monsters birthed by ancient warmongering forces. Will Eberron enter a prosperous new age or will the shadow of war descend once again? Read more Headlines The Covenant of the Gray Mist is a secret society of Cyrans dedicated to discovering the truth of the Mourning and to getting justice or revenge for their lost nation.

Mel-Aqat is a ruined city of giant construction in Xen'drik. Once known only through mentions in old texts, it was rediscovered by Janik Martell of Morgrave University. They target merchant caravans, military operations, and government buildings. A truelight lantern is a magical bullseye lantern crafted from flametouched iron. Not only does it illuminate an area, it reveals all hidden things within its light.

A radiant idol is a fallen angel banished from Syrania and condemned to dwell in the Material Plane , where they desire to be worshiped by mortals. Empress Donata is a magebred humanoid who leads a secret society of kind based in the ruins of Metrol in the Mournland. Archive More new pages. Featured Image A halfling with a tangat riding a clawfoot through Gatherhold. Welcome Welcome!

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Eberron was born sixteen years ago. Action Cats. And now Eberron has come to fifth edition. What impact could the Last War have on your character or your campaign? Let me know what you want to see first! I roamed around the world running an Eberron game for interesting groups of people.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. D&D, EBERRON, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual. Player's Guide to​.

D&D Eberron Rising From The Last War PDF [free download]

Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron. Deschamps, Olga Drebas, Jason A. Sham: City of Towers. Explorer's Handbook.

Eberron is a creation of Magic, not extraordinary magic, somewhat it is a world of ordinary normal magic used for routine purposes. Eberron has developed through the improvement of magic as different from the growth of the sciences. You're very welcome, PM your email addy and ll send you some pdfs for free. Posted by 3 years ago.

Adventures The world of Eberron has a rich history built on heroic deeds, evolving magic, and the wounds of a long, devastating war, Action, adventure, good, evil, and a thousand shades of gray paint the landscape in broad strokes. This resource for 3. Ancient mysteries await discovery so they can influence the world and its people. It combines pulp adventure and intrigue in a world where magic-driven technology has produced airships, trains, and similar advancements comparable to early 20th-century Europe. We will edit or remove it.

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Wayfinder’s Guide To Eberron 5e PDF – Free Download

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Jeremy Crawford , co-lead designer of the book, said the book "is the size of one of the core rule books of the game, it is jam packed". Eberron: Rising from the Last War is a page campaign and adventure guide for using the Eberron setting in the 5th edition. The new module was announced on August 19, and was published on November 19,

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, Forgoten Realms, Ravenloft, the dragon ampersand, and all other Wizards of the Coast product names.

The Wayfinder’s Guide To Eberron

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D&D Sourcebooks

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