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The two armies advance, and as they draw toward each other, Paris the warrior who kidnapped Menelaos' wife, Helen brashly steps forward and dares any of the Achaian warriors to meet him in personal combat. The challenge is eagerly accepted by Menelaos, but Paris is suddenly overcome by terror and hides within the Trojan ranks.

The Judgment of Paris Summary

In Greek mythology, Helen was the most beautiful woman from the age of the heroes. She was the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta one of several Greek kingdoms. After Helen ran away with Paris, prince of Troy, the Greek armies fought a ten year long war against Troy to win her back. The English playwright, Christopher Marlowe, called Helen, "the face that launched a thousand ships. The Judgement of Paris is the backstory to the Trojan War.

This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Conditions and Exceptions apply. For use by any theatrical, educational or cinematic organisation, however, including a non-commercial one, permission must be sought. Under no circumstances should any of this work be used as part of a collage, which includes the work of other writers or translators. Helen Daughter of Zeus and Leda, wife of Menelaos. Teukros aka Teucer. Old Woman Servant to Theoclymenos.

The best-known were Homer 's Iliad and Odyssey , which are also the only epics that have survived. The Cypria is the fifth epic of the Epic Cycle ; it is attributed to Stasinus, Homer , or Hegesias, and is pretty well-known because we have a long excerpt and various quotes. It tells the events leading up to the Trojan War , and describes everything that happened before the beginning of the Iliad. The story begins with the marriage of Peleus and Thetis, which ends in a quarrel when the uninvited goddess of Strife, Eris, throws a golden apple to the guests with the inscription "for the most beautiful". The goddesses Hera, Athena , and Aphrodite all claim that they should have this object, and decide to ask the Trojan prince Paris to be the judge in their beauty contest. He cannot make a choice, but Aphrodite promises him the most beautiful wife in the world, and the judge awards her the prize. Aphrodite now orders Paris to build a ship and sail to Greece, where the most beautiful woman in the world lives: Helen, wife of king Menelaus of Sparta.

Helen of Troy

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Ancient Greece

Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Euripides, Helen Euripides, Daughters of Troy

Of these appearances, probably the best known was the elopement with Helen , queen of Sparta , this being one of the immediate causes of the Trojan War. Later in the war, he fatally wounds Achilles in the heel with an arrow as foretold by Achilles' mother, Thetis. The name Paris is probably of Luwian origin, and comparable to Pari-zitis , attested as a Hittite scribe's name.

She was married to King Menelaus of Sparta "who became by her the father of Hermione , and, according to others, of Nicostratus also. The usual tradition is that after the goddess Aphrodite promised her to Paris in the Judgement of Paris , she was seduced by him and carried off to Troy. This resulted in the Trojan War when the Achaeans set out to reclaim her. Another ancient tradition, told by Stesichorus , tells of how "not she, but her wraith only, had passed to Troy, while she was borne by the Gods to the land of Egypt , and there remained until the day when her lord [ Menelaus ], turning aside on the homeward voyage, should find her there. Elements of her putative biography come from classical authors such as Aristophanes , Cicero , Euripides , and Homer in both the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Paris (mythology)

She was daughter of Zeus , either by Leda or by Nemesis , and sister of the Dioscuri. As a young girl, she was carried off by Theseus , but she was rescued by her brothers. She was also the sister of Clytemnestra , who married Agamemnon. When Paris was slain, Helen married his brother Deiphobus, whom she betrayed to Menelaus once Troy was captured.

The Trojan army marches from the city gates and advances to meet the Achaeans. Paris, the Trojan prince who precipitated the war by stealing the beautiful Helen from her husband, Menelaus, challenges the Achaeans to single combat with any of their warriors. When Menelaus steps forward, however, Paris loses heart and shrinks back into the Trojan ranks. Hector presents the terms to Menelaus, who accepts.

War with Troy: The Story of Achilles 1. EPISODE 3 Helen, the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta. And so it was that Paris found himself alone with Helen.

The Judgement of Paris

Homer's Iliad

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Here is the story of Paris and Helen. Paris was. Priam's son by Queen Hecuba who, just before his birth, dreamed that instead of a child she bore a blazing.