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I have been teaching wilderness navigation and GPS use for more than a decade. Here are some of the exercises and presentation materials that you may find useful when you teach. You are welcome to modify these material to suite the need of your class and your teaching style.

Map and compass basics

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In navigation , bearing is the horizontal angle between the direction of an object and another object, or between it and that of true north. In nautical navigation the absolute bearing is the clockwise angle between north and an object observed from the vessel. If the north used as reference is the true geographical north then the bearing is a true bearing whereas if the reference used is magnetic north then the bearing is a magnetic bearing. An absolute bearing is measured with a bearing compass. The measurement of absolute bearings of fixed landmarks and other navigation aids is useful for the navigator because this information can be used on the nautical chart together with simple geometrical techniques to aid in determining the position of the vessel. A grid bearing also known as grid azimuth is measured in relation to the fixed horizontal reference plane of grid north , that is, using the direction northwards along the grid lines of the map projection as a reference point. A compass bearing , as in vehicle or marine navigation, is measured in relation to the magnetic compass of the navigator's vehicle or vessel if aboard ship.

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Knowing how to use a compass is a skill that will become important if you ever find yourself lost, whether in the middle of nowhere or just slightly off the beaten path. Although it's easy to depend on high-tech navigation systems in today's world, knowing how to use a magnetized compass and a paper map could be invaluable in a difficult situation. One you learn about identifying the basic parts of a compass and understanding how to set and use the compass in tandem with a map, you'll be ready to determine your location and navigate in the direction you need to go if your electronic gadgets lose power or malfunction. Compasses can vary in their features.

Where in the World: Triangulating Your Location

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Reading Time: 8 minutes. For an easy day walk in good weather along a well-signposted track in a National Park, a Parks supplied sketch or mud map is sufficient for navigation. A mobile phone with google maps and its GPS on can provide an exact location if required. For longer trips the trip leader at least should have a topographic map and the ability to navigate using map and compass.

Map and Compass : A comprehensive guide to navigation by Pete Hawkins pdf. Summary: This comprehensive guidebook to navigation with a map and compass, but also with advice about using GPS and digital mapping systems, aims to help readers make the most of their outdoor experiences by learning how to use the map compass correctly. The techniques described will give readers the freedom to get away from the crowds, invent their own routes and discover new areas, even where the GPS fails. Chapters cover understanding a map, features, grid refs, contours; planning walks carefully; taking bearings, walking with a compass; timing, pacing and other techniques; what to do when you get lost and in poor visibility or darkness; navigating abroad and GPS and other digital technology.

A topographic map shows details of a portion of the earth's surface drawn to scale able to navigate safely and accurately in terrain you've never been before.

Using a Compass

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Avenza Maps, the best app for hiking, biking and all trails. Featuring maps from National Geographic, national parks and more!

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Bearing (angle)

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Bearing (angle)

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