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Readers Question: Why is it that the value of the exchange rate falls when there is higher inflation?

Purchasing power parity

Purchasing power parity PPP [1] is a measurement of prices in different countries that uses the prices of specific goods to compare the absolute purchasing power of the countries' currencies. In many cases, PPP produces an inflation rate that is equal to the price of the basket of goods at one location divided by the price of the basket of goods at a different location. The PPP inflation and exchange rate may differ from the market exchange rate because of poverty, tariffs, and other transaction costs. Purchasing power parity is an economic term for measuring prices at different locations. It is based on the law of one price , which says that, if there are no transaction costs nor trade barriers for a particular good, then the price for that good should be the same at every location.

The preceding chapters have dealt with a number of different specialised accounts of the manner whereby the regime of floating exchange rates could have an impact on the generation of inflation and its transmission across countries. These accounts embrace a sweeping range of postulates — each internally consistent as a partial explanation, but unable to provide a complete and coherent theory. While there are no compelling reasons to prefer one model over another, they all give recognition to the important role of exchange rates in the study of inflation. Not surprisingly, the current stock of empirical evidence is insufficient to determine which of the particular models offers the most apt description of inflationary process in the current regime of managed floating. Moreover, the common real shocks arising from oil price increases and other disturbances in primary commodity markets make it difficult to isolate the role of exchange rates in the inflationary episodes of the s. With these considerations in mind, this chapter attempts to draw together some of the diverse strands of thought that have appeared from time to time in this volume.

Atta, K. Jefferis, I. The dominant influence of South African goods on the Bostwana CPI basket leads to the expectation that South African prices have a significant role in determining prices in Bostwana. This paper examine Botswana's price and inflation relationships and their interation. Cointegration analysis is used to develop a dynamic error correction model that established the link between long run equilibrium prices and short run inflation. Results show that the exchange rate and South African prices rather than money is cointegrated with prices, supporting theoretical predictions of a dominant long term equilibrium relationship between prices and the exchange rate in a pegged exchange rate regime with capital controls. In the short run both domestic and imported inflationary pressures determine growth in the price level each month.

A Study of the Effect of Inflation and Exchange Rate on Stock Market Returns in Ghana

Inflation and exchange rates. On the Forex market, inflation is an economic indicator that is highly monitored by traders. The inflation rate is one of the most important determinants of exchange rate developments even if other elements are taken into account. Definition of inflation Before addressing the mechanism that links exchange rates and inflation in Forex, it is important to define inflation and where it comes from. Inflation is a general increase in prices. It is measured by the consumer price index. To calculate inflation within a country or geographical area, the percentage change in the index between 2 given periods is calculated.

PDF | The paper investigates empirically the relationships between exchange rates and inflation in Western Balkan countries. The literature on.

Exchange Rates and World Inflation: Overall Conclusions

The common measure of inflation is the inflation rate , the annualized percentage change in a general price index , usually the consumer price index , over time. Economists believe that very high rates of inflation and hyperinflation are harmful, and are caused by an excessive growth of the money supply. Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities. Inflation affects economies in various positive and negative ways.

The study examined the effect of exchange rate and inflation on stock market returns in Ghana using monthly inflation and exchange rate data obtained from the Bank of Ghana and monthly market returns computed from the GSE all-share index from January to December The autoregressive distributed lag ARDL cointegration technique and the error correction parametization of the ARDL model were used for examining this effect. The ARDL and its corresponding error correction model were used in establishing the long- and short-run relationship between the Ghana Stock Exchange GSE market returns, inflation, and exchange rate. The result of the study showed that there exists a significant long-run relationship between GSE market returns and inflation.

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How Does Inflation Affect the Exchange Rate Between Two Nations?

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How Does Inflation Affect the Exchange Rate Between Two Nations?