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An intelligent decision support system IDSS is a decision support system that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence AI techniques. Use of AI techniques in management information systems has a long history — indeed terms such as " Knowledge-based systems " KBS and "intelligent systems" have been used since the early s to describe components of management systems, but the term "Intelligent decision support system" is thought to originate with Clyde Holsapple and Andrew Whinston [1] [2] in the late s.

Cutting egde research results High ranking international authors Theory and application case studies.

Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems 7th Edition

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Intelligent Support Systems for Marketing Decisions

Designing and Exploring Intelligent Decision Support Systems In today's economy the importance of effective and efficient decision making has become increasingly important in order to stay competitive in a global market set. Obtaining most relevant data and outputs is the key for best decisions on every management level. That is why the application of decisio From a total of 45 submissions, 15 papers were ac Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision-Support Systems A selective review of modern decision science and implications for decision-support systems.

Controlled Vocabulary Termsartificial intelligence; decision making; decision support system (DSS); evolutionary innovation; fuzzy logic;.

Decision support systems and intelligent systems

Decision-making Support Systems DMSS are computer-based systems that support individual or organisational decision-making processes. Recent advances in information technology and artificial intelligence are enhancing these systems and giving rise to intelligent-DMSS. The book brings together up-to-date information on the theory and application of i-DMSS. Readers will learn about the foundations, architectures, methods and strategies for successfully designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating intelligent Decision-making Support Systems.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book offers the first comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence AI technologies in decision support systems for diagnosis based on medical images, presenting cutting-edge insights from thirteen leading research groups around the world. Modern imaging modalities, however, also produce a large number of images that physicians have to accurately interpret. As such, intelligent decision support systems have become a vital element in medical-image-based diagnosis and treatment.

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DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 7th Ed. by'​Braim: Turban, jay E. Aronsori, and Ting-Peng Liang with contributions by Richard.

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Collaborative Computing Technologies: Group Support Systems. Enterprise Decision Support Systems. Knowledge Management. Artificial Intelligence and.

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). In response to the organizational need of intelligent decision support, expert. systems were developed by coupling artificial intelligence .