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The past, present, and future of power electronics [Guest Introduction]

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Bimal Bose. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The past, present, and future of power electronics [Guest Introduction]. Guest Introduction by Bimal K. Bose The Past, Present, and Future of Power Electronics I started my career as a power engi- spectacular revolution was going on I did my doctoral thesis on mag- neer in India in the mid s.

I in the field of electronics. In , netic amplifiers in The s and was an engineer in a hydroelectric Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley of early s essentially covered the era power company in the early days, Bell Laboratories invented the transis- of thyristor-based power electronics.

The so-called and commercially introduced as a Institute. At that time, power electron- power electronics field was practi- silicon-controlled rectifier SCR or ics was going through an exciting cally unknown in those days. The thyristor solid-state thyratron by evolution. This was promote my power electronics pro- arc and ignitron rectifiers and gas- the beginning of the second electron- gram.

To my knowledge, the only other tube electronics thyratrons and igni- ics revolution or modern power university in the United States that had trons were known long before that electronics age. Silicon power diodes a power electronics program was the and widely used in industry. It is started appearing in , replacing University of Missouri, Columbia.

GE, interesting to note that the subways the old selenium, copper oxide, and Schenectady, was then considered the in New York installed grid-controlled gas-tube diodes, and they created a lot ivory tower of power electronics mercury-arc rectifiers 3 MW for dc of excitement. Of course, power electronics cycloconverters for universal motor ical processes such as electroplating, research was also very active in West- traction drives almost at the same anodizing, metal refining, production inghouse, Siemens, Brown Boveri, time In those er supplies, dc—ac power conversion research program on a part-time basis.

Many new link thyristor cycloconverter drive that gas tubes were mainly used in indus- converter topologies were invented, involved converter development, trial applications, whereas vacuum but the bulk of them remained essen- system simulation, and experimental tubes were used in signal processing tially same as in the gas-tube days.

There was a brief era of magnetic It was quite a challenging project, but amplifiers or saturable core reactors fortunately it became very successful Electronic Revolutions before the thyristor era, which were at the end. For the first time, I could After completing my studies at the functionally similar to gas-tube or show that a cycloconverter could be University of Wisconsin , I came solid-state power electronics.

Mag- used as an SVC. As a reward, I was back to India and introduced a course netic amplifiers were bulky but more offered a full-time job with GE in , in industrial electronics for the first rugged and reliable than gas-tube which I could not refuse. As the thyr- time at my college. In those days, a electronics, and they were promoted istor technology and applications very heavily during World War II and market became saturated, we were Digital Object Identifier Some professionals it.

The drive operation was found to Power electronics, as you know, in this area started changing their be excellent. After I joined GE, several things GE developed a giant transistor for trol of electrical energy with the help started happening dramatically. The the dc—dc converter for dc motor drive of power semiconductor devices that U.

Government awarded a multimil- in the electric vehicle EV. Around the operate in a switching mode, and, lion dollar contract to GE for electric same time , Toshiba also intro- therefore, efficiency of power elec- vehicle development.

After the Arab duced giant transistors. Power electronics is scarce and its price shot up. Sud- time in The first- in Japan. Multilevel diode- n subway and locomotive propulsion generation Intel 8 bit micro- clamped inverter was invented n electric and hybrid vehicles processor was introduced around in Japan. Space-vector pulse- n elevators Unfortunately, without know- width modulation PWM was intro- n metal rolling and textile mills ing anything about the microproces- duced in , and integrated-gate n home appliances, machine tools, sor, I became the principal engineer, commutated thyristor IGCT was and robotics and it became quite a difficult and introduced in The soft- n wind generation systems ware development with Assembly Advancement in Technology n ship propulsion.

Man-made gener- describing. ASIC chips, advanced converter top- ation of green-house gases mainly The prototype drive system in the ologies, PWM techniques, and ad- CO2 is considered the primary rea- vehicle was being tested on a dyna- vanced control techniques. The son for global warming problem. A mometer in a Detroit, Michigan frontier of the technology further substantial portion of our energy Chrysler laboratory.

It was a. The reduction of cost sources, such as wind, solar, geother- testing was giving an oscillatory and size, along with performance mal, bio-fuels, and fuel cells, and the response. I was asked to arrive early improvement, started proliferation of current trend is to explore them vigo- the next morning to fix the problem. I power electronics applications every- rously. The wind, PV, and fuel-cell could not get back to sleep. In the where, that is, industrial, commercial, energy sources are heavily depend- morning, I flew to Detroit and found residential, transportation, aero- ent on power electronics.

The world that the proportional-integral PI space, and military systems. Gradu- has enormous resources of wind and compensator in the software needed ally, power electronics lured many PV energy. The European Wind an alteration of parameters. Al- Increasing emphasis is now placed throttle or damper opening, where an though PV energy is still expensive, on saving energy with the help of induction motor running at constant the cost of wind energy is almost power electronics.

Saving energy speed is coupled to the fan. This comparable with that of fossil fuel. If these applica- world leader with Germany close energy cost is high. The efficiency total electrical energy need. With the problem. As mentioned earlier, the can be further improved in variable- current trend of expansion, it is switching-mode power processing frequency drive by light-load flux- expected to increase dramatically to gives extraordinary efficiency in pow- programming control.

The wind and PV resources are automated industries and energy instead of traditional thermostatic particularly important for the people systems. Since the cost of energy is tied to the electric grid. It is estimated inverter-controlled ac motor drive in high in Japan, most of the Japanese that around one third of the world subway transportation, replacing the homes use variable-speed air condi- population is isolated from the grid.

Another popular port by nuclear or fossil fuel power Electric Power Research Institute application of power electronics is stations. The majority of life ten times more than incandescent expensive.

Because of the shortage of these are used in the industrial envi- lamps. The resulting total energy sav- oil and urban pollution problem, we ronment for fluid flow control. In ing is substantial, because around are now discussing the extensive applications of electric and hybrid vehicles replacing the conventional Bimal K. Bose, Ph. These are energy efficient Electronics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville following 15 and mitigate the global warming prob- years of teaching and 11 years performing research for General lem if electricity needed to charge Electric.

Nuclear Dr. Bose has received international recognition for outstanding power has the disadvantage that the Bimal K. Bose contributions as a technical leader, researcher, inventor, author, nuclear waste from a power station and educator in the field of power electronics and machine drives. Unfortunately, despite pro- control, and expert system and fuzzy logic applications in power electronics. He has HEVs have not yet found general promoted the field of power electronics and drives throughout the world with lecture acceptance mainly because of the tours and state-of-the-art papers in IEEE and non-IEEE literature.

The author of more than technical articles and technical presentations, Dr. Bose holds 18 limitation of battery technology. Several of his books have been translated into other languages. Fuel cells are environmen- Bimal Bose is being presented the Region 3 Outstanding Engineer Award for his tally clean if hydrogen fuel is gener- outstanding achievements in power electronics and drive technology.

In fact, modern IGBTs converters and cycloconveters obso- appearing in the market. Typically have gradually moved to high power lete, promoting PWM-type converters these are two times more efficient and competing with the IGCTs.

A two-sided ac— have five times more life than CFLs. Also, energy storage circuit integration and fault protection in the dc link becomes easy. Between Power Electronics high current, high temperature, short the classes of voltage- and current-fed in the Future circuit, and dc under-voltage features. Although sili- Therefore, this class of converters has ate everywhere. This is because the con has been the basic raw material been accepted almost universally for cost of power electronics is decreas- for the power semiconductor devices, general power-processing applications.

The silicon-based power tremendous promise for the future, multilevel converters and their applica- devices, such as thyristors, triacs, particularly for high-power applica- tions have been very visible in the liter- GTOs, bipolar-junction transistors tions.

These materials have a high ature. Thyristor- and diode- compared with silicon. These proper- advantages of modular construction based phase-controlled converters ties permit devices with higher volt- and absence of dc capacitor voltage and cycloconverters, which estab- age and power capability, and higher unbalance problem, but transformer lished the modern solid-state power switching frequency, lower conduc- coupling often becomes essential.

Different harmonic standards of converter with improved efficiency In general, their applications may have been introduced to combat the and less cooling need. There has been include high-power motor drives and power quality PQ problems. Currently, SiC- saturation, although much of the cur- to solve the aforementioned problems.

Bimal Kumar Bose

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Request PDF | On Jan 1, , Bimal K Bose published Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

Modern Power Electronics and AC drives By Bimal K Bose

Motor Vehicle Mechanic's Textbook. Picture of the book : 3…. Electrical Installation Work. Pro Arduino.

For upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in electrical engineering, as well as a reference book for professionals and researchers. This text presents the basics of electrical power conversion and control through the use of power semiconductor switches. In addition, by demonstrating the practical applications of power electronics and motion control using AC electrical machines in transportation and industry, among other uses, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives reflects the latest advances in industrial automation. State-of-the-art coverage -Of power electronics and motor drive technology. Gives students the latest information available on power electronics, as well as the practical applications of the technology to provide motion control in factories, transportation systems, and pump and blower dryers.

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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives

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Bose — Power electronics is an area of extremely important and rapidly changing technology. Technological advancements in the area contribute to performance improvement and cost reduction, with applications proliferating in industrial, commercial, residential, military and aerospace environments. This book is meant to help engineers operating in all these areas to stay up-to-date on the most recent advances in the field, as well as to be a vehicle for clarifying increasingly complex theories and mathematics. This book will be a cost-effective and convenient way for engineers to get up-to-speed on the latest trends in power electronics. The reader will obtain the same level of informative instruction as they would if attending an IEEE course or a training session, but without ever leaving the office or living room!

Bose , is an electrical engineer, artificial intelligence researcher, scientist, educator, and currently a professor emeritus of power electronics in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee , Knoxville. Bose was born in Calcutta now Kolkata , India. Bose received his B. Bose organized its power electronics teaching and research program for 15 years. He is recognized as world-renowned authority and pioneer in power electronics for his many contributions that include high frequency link power conversion, advanced control techniques by microcomputers, fuzzy logic and neural networks , transistor ac power switch for matrix converters, adaptive hysteresis-band current control, etc. He also pioneered power electronics applications in environmental protection that help solving climate change problems.

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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives


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