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Types Of Washers And Their Uses Pdf

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Fasteners are used to mechanically join two or more objects together, either permanently or non-permanently. There are many different types of fastener, each with their own purpose. Fasteners can broadly be categorised as either Permanent or Non-Permanent.

Washer is a disk shaped thin plate with a center hole. They are used to distribute load over a relatively larger area. Application of washers Includes Spacers, Springs, pre-loading screws and vibration reduction. In this article we will discuss various types of washers and their application. Washer is a standard part radially available in the market.

Washer (hardware)

The earliest bolt heads in use were the square heads. Learn how your comment data is processed. So what is a screw? There are many types of bolts and hardware nuts. Learn all about the most common types of springs and their most useful applications with our guide. Types of bolts - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Types of Washers and their Application

Romina Ronquillo. Image Credit: Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. However, industrial standards typically classify these two types of products in separate categories—the former as washers and the latter as washing equipment and systems. The following article will only cover the former category.

A washer is a thin plate typically disk-shaped, but sometimes square with a hole typically in the middle that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener , such as a bolt or nut. Other uses are as a spacer, spring Belleville washer , wave washer , wear pad, preload indicating device, locking device, and to reduce vibration rubber washer. Washers often have an outer diameter OD about twice their inner diameter ID , but this can vary quite widely. Washers are usually metal or plastic. High-quality bolted joints require hardened steel washers to prevent the loss of pre-load due to brinelling after the torque is applied. Washers are also important for preventing galvanic corrosion , particularly by insulating steel screws from aluminium surfaces.

Following are the types of washers, as per their utility and functions: Spring washer. Belleville or conical washer. Dome spring washer. Wave spring washer. Finger spring washer. Lock washer. Split lock washer. External tooth lock washer. Internal tooth lock washer. Plain washer. Torque washer. Flat washer. Fender.

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Fasteners come in many different forms. Scroll down to learn about many different types of nuts, bolts and screws! Screws use their threads to provide their own holding power. The terms in the industry are commonly mixed so sometimes you will see something that is called a screw or a bolt that is actually the opposite. Example: Lag Bolts and Lag Screws are the same thing.

You can get good leverage on these screws since you turn the full head, rather than just an internal portion of the head. At the end of this guide, you should be able to tell the specific type of wood screw to use, for your projects. Bolts as well as screws are available in a vast variety of head shapes. Socket screws are machine screws with an internal hex socket Allen drive. Types and Styles of Screw … The flange helps the screw to remain in its position, taking the place of a washer for some projects.

All fasteners perform the same function—mechanically joining and securing two or more parts together. Understanding the functional varieties of the different types available, including nuts, bolts, and washers, is essential to selecting the appropriate fastener and fastener supplier for your project. The following guide outlines a small selection of the types of fasteners available in our total inventory to help you choose the optimal product for your fastening application. Bolts are one of the most versatile structural fasteners, available in a vast array of configurations to suit different materials and strength requirements. These fasteners differ primarily in thread specification, length, and head shape, with varying combinations of these characteristics resulting in bolts with different functions.

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14 Types of Washers & How They Use? with [Pictures & PDF]


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Washers are thin plates of metal or non-metallic material with a hole, usually in the middle.

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