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ARSET - Satellite Remote Sensing of Air Quality

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus is in contrast to on-site observation. The term is applied especially to acquiring information about the Earth. Remote sensing is used in numerous fields, including geography, land surveying and most Earth science disciplines for example, hydrology, ecology , meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, geology ; it also has military, intelligence, commercial, economic, planning, and humanitarian applications, among others. In current usage, the term "remote sensing" generally refers to the use of satellite or aircraft-based sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth. It includes the surface and the atmosphere and oceans , based on propagated signals e. It may be split into "active" remote sensing when a signal is emitted by a satellite or aircraft to the object and its reflection detected by the sensor and "passive" remote sensing when the reflection of sunlight is detected by the sensor. Passive sensors gather radiation that is emitted or reflected by the object or surrounding areas.

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Data sets for each indicator will be shared publicly upon publication of complementary technical journal articles describing the methods for each one. This Commentary shares our experience and lessons learned. Together, the team developed methods to track wildfires, dust storms, pollen counts, urban green space, nitrogen dioxide concentrations and asthma burdens, tropospheric ozone concentrations, and urban particulate matter mortality. Participatory knowledge production can lead to more actionable information but requires time, flexibility, and continuous engagement. Ground measurements are still needed for ground truthing, and sustained collaboration over time remains a challenge. Participatory knowledge production can lead to more useful information for stakeholders but requires continuous engagement and flexibility. Ground measurements are still needed, and sustained collaboration between the researchers and stakeholders over time remains a challenge.

In Chapter 1 we learned some of the fundamental concepts required to understand the process that encompasses remote sensing. We covered in some detail the first three components of this process: the energy source, interaction of energy with the atmosphere, and interaction of energy with the surface. We touched briefly on the fourth component - recording of energy by the sensor - when we discussed passive vs. In this chapter, we will take a closer look at this component of the remote sensing process by examining in greater detail, the characteristics of remote sensing platforms and sensors and the data they collect. We will also touch briefly on how those data are processed once they have been recorded by the sensor. In order for a sensor to collect and record energy reflected or emitted from a target or surface, it must reside on a stable platform removed from the target or surface being observed. Platforms for remote sensors may be situated on the ground, on an aircraft or balloon or some other platform within the Earth's atmosphere , or on a spacecraft or satellite outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

This text is designed to meet the needs of students interested in remote sensing as a tool for the study of military and intelligence problems. It focuses on the technology of remote sensing, both for students who will be working in systems acquisition offices and for those who might eventually need to be "informed consumers" of the products derived from remote sensing systems. I hope it will also be useful for those who eventually work in this field. Here in the second edition, the book maintains, as much as possible, a focus on the physics of remote sensing. As a physicist, I'm more interested in the technology of acquiring data than the final applications. Therefore, this work differs from related textbooks that favor civilian applications, particularly geology, agriculture, weather atmosphere , and oceanography. I have instead concentrated on satellite systems, including power, data storage, and telemetry systems, because this knowledge is important for those trying to develop new remote sensing systems.

ARSET - Satellite Remote Sensing of Air Quality

Chapter 1 Introduction to Remote Sensing 1. Chapter 2 Electromagnetic Basics 2. Chapter 3 Optical Imaging 3. Chapter 4 Optical Satellite Systems 4.

Geo-hazard emergency response is a disaster prevention and reduction action that multi-factorial, time-critical, task-intensive and socially significant. In order to improve the rationalization and standardization of space-air-ground remote sensing collaborative observation in geo-hazard emergency response, this paper comprehensively analyzes the technical resources of remote sensing sensors and the emergency service system, and establishes a database of technical and service evaluation indexes using MySQL. A method is proposed to evaluate and calculate the cooperative observation effectiveness in a specific remote sensing cooperative environment by combining TOPSIS and RSR. For the evaluation of remote sensing cooperative service capability in geo-hazard emergency response, taking earthquake as an example, establishing a remote sensing cooperative earthquake emergency response service chain, and designing a Bayesian network evaluation model.

This book will guide you in the use of remote sensing for military and intelligence gathering applications. It is a must read for students working on systems acquisition or for anyone interested in the products derived from remote sensing systems. Olsen of the Naval Postgraduate School offers an eclectic description of the technologies and underlying physics for a wide range of remote sensing systems, including optical, thermal, radar, and lidar systems. This monograph describes this diverse set of applications using full-color graphics and a friendly, readable format. This text is designed to meet the needs of students interested in remote sensing as a tool for the study of military and intelligence problems.

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