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The culture of Thailand has evolved greatly over time, from its relative isolation during the Sukhothai era, to its more contemporary Ayutthaya era , which absorbed influences from all over Asia.

Thailand's history, culture and traditions

Rice plantations and ornate temples are interspersed in and around busy cosmopolitan cities, reflecting the diversity of landscapes and lifestyles. Being a historically autonomous Asian kingdom, Thailand is significantly influenced by its traditions. Buddhism and the monarchy have historically been seen as sources of order and stability in society and continue to act as symbols of unity for the Thai people. Yet, the culture is also accommodating of contemporary practices and values. Many Thai people have embraced progressive ideas as their country has globalised. The concept of ' face ' is one of the underpinning factors influencing the way in which Thais behave and interact with one another. Thus, face can also be lost, saved or maintained.

Thai Culture

The name "Thailand" is associated with the dominant ethnic group, Thai. Thailand was never under European colonial rule. It was an absolute monarchy until , when it became a constitutional monarchy. In the country's name was changed from Siam to Thailand. Military dictators ruled the nation until the early s; the military remained a powerful force in national politics into the early s.

Famous for its hospitality, cuisine and spirituality, this stunning country will captivate your senses. Find out more about Thailand's history as well as Thai culture and traditions Fabulously spiritual, Thailand is a country full of beautiful temples and Pagodas, a must when choosing places to visit. Although their rulers were Khmer with roots in India and its culture including Buddhism the ancestors of modern Thais came from southern China between the 10th and 13th centuries. Towards the end of that period, several small states in the Mekong River Valley united to create the Thai kingdom.

According to estimates, the vast majority of the Thai population Although it is the dominant religion in Thailand, freedom of religious choice and expression is protected by law. Of the remaining population, 4. The prominent form of Buddhism practised in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. Devotion towards the Buddha is more akin to the respect a student has for a teacher. Veneration towards the Buddha is an important principle for followers of Buddhism in Thailand and is institutionalised through law, whereby insulting or defacing the Buddha is prohibited.

Whether you're in Bangkok for business or leisure, familiarity with cultural-​considerations and Thai-traditions will help you understand the unfamiliar and avoid.

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Culture of Thailand

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Culture of Thailand - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family Sa-Th.

Thai Culture

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Its unique culture mixes strong Indian influences, Chinese traditions, and elements that are absolutely Thai.

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Generally Thai teachers should know inter-cultures such as languages, belief and tradition and communication of cultural languages and the ASIAN students must.