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Tincture is the limited palette of colours and patterns used in heraldry. The need to define, depict, and correctly blazon the various tinctures is one of the most important aspects of heraldic art and design. The use of tinctures dates back to the formative period of European heraldry in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Heraldry Decals It also has the "treef" or grid for when the old iron waas heated on the stove to put it on there so not to burn anything! The heraldic shield no doubt has a meaning but I do not know where it stands for. Arms evolved to denote family descent, adoption, alliance, property ownership, and, eventually, profession. Download High quality design resources for free. Their name, however, is a reference to Stock, near Caen, Normandy, the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in

Coats of Arms, Seals, and Other Heraldry

The coat of arms of Uganda was adopted three weeks before the proclamation of independence by the Uganda Legislative Council. On 1 October the arms were approved by Governor of Uganda Walter Coutts , and formally established by law on 9 October. The shield and spears represent the willingness of the Ugandan people to defend their country. There are three images on the shield: those on top represent the waves of Lake Victoria and Lake Albert ; the sun in the centre represents the many days of brilliant sunshine Uganda enjoys; and the traditional drum at the bottom is symbolic of dancing, and the summoning of people to meetings and ceremony. The above explanation, about the symbolism of the drum, is a distortion that came about after the bloody national crisis when the Prime Minister of the day, Milton Obote , made a violent military attack on the king of the Kingdom of Buganda in central Uganda, Edward Mutesa II , who was the ceremonial president of the state at the time. The following year, , the nation's constitution was abrogated and replaced with a new one which abolished the country's ancient monarchies—the kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro , Ankole , Toro , and the Principality of Busoga , turning Uganda into a republic and making Milton Obote president with unlimited executive powers.

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Over the past century, the following symbols have been formally adopted by the Government of Canada and are now considered official symbols of our country. However, the beaver was a part of the Canadian identity long before Parliament passed the National Symbol of Canada Act. After the early European explorers realized Canada was not the spice-rich Orient, the main profit-making attraction was the beaver population. In the late s and early s, the fashion of the day demanded fur hats, which needed beaver pelts. As these hats became more popular, the demand for the pelts grew.

A thriving arts, culture and traditional affairs sector contributing to sustainable economic development in a socially cohesive Bokone Bophirima. To enhance job creation by preserving, protecting and developing arts, culture, heritage and the institution of traditional leadership to reposition, renew and rebrand Bokone Bophirima through VTSD Strategy. Saamwerk-Saamtrek: Demonstrating cooperation and inclusivity in service. Revocracy: finding creative solutions. Accountability: taking responsibility for actions and decisions. Integrity: doing the rights even when not watched. Transparency: being open to scrutiny.

Indian category, but were enumer-ated as a separate group starting with the Census. The unfortunate association of the swastika with Hitler understandably makes some people uncomfortable when they see a similar symbol on Native American baskets, rugs and jewelry. Spiral Petroglyphs on Piedra Escrita in Jayuya, PR According to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology said that the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force. Note how the material conventions are used in the makeup of the symbols for masonry, brick, and concrete walls. Here are brief meanings of the most common angel numbers: Number It means that there is a gate of opportunity opening up; instant manifestation and positive attitude. In addition to the heraldry symbols, we have added some detailed descriptions - meanings of the heraldry symbols. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Otter Meanings.


Family crests once held a special place in many families across Europe. More recently family crests have appeared on stationary and as signs on gates. But, have you ever wondered what those crests mean? Here are some common crest symbols and how to interpret them.

A weapon made up of two or more sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base. Established in Terms of Use Privacy Notice. We'll be happy to provide an estimate. Just use the "contact us" or "send files" links. Colors Even the colors can have special meaning in a "family crest" or coat of arms:.

Coat of arms , the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle. Arms evolved to denote family descent, adoption, alliance, property ownership, and, eventually, profession. It also identified the knight in the social surroundings of the tournament. Additions to the achievement may include badges, mottoes, supporters, and a crown or coronet.

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Silver or White (Argent) Peace and sincerity. Red (Gules) Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity. Blue (Azure) Truth and loyalty.

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